How To Uninstall Origin

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  1. How To Uninstall Origin on Windows
    • Method number 1: Uninstall via Control Panel
    • Method number 2: Uninstall With a Third-Party App
    • Method # 3: Restore your personal computer to Factory Settings
  2. How To Uninstall Origin on Mac
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

How To Uninstall Origin on Windows

right here are 3 ways to fully eliminate Origin from your own computer.

Method number 1: Uninstall via Control Panel

An simple method to find Origin’s location on your desktop is always to have the control interface. All installed software will be in Programs and Features/ Apps and features.

  1. Open up the beginning menu.
  2. Search for “Apps & Features”, available the application form.
  3. Then type in Origin into the search club.
  4. Select Uninstall, and the uninstallation procedure will start.

Method no. 2: Uninstall With a Third-Party App

If you see it hard to uninstall the software, install a third-party uninstaller application. The most popular uninstaller apps are IObit Uninstaller and Wise Program Uninstaller.

After setting up either of the apps:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. On the house display screen, head to Programs.
  3. When you spot Origin, tick the container beside it.
  4. Click or uninstall or the bin icon.
  5. In the ensuing screen, find the option to clear recurring files.
  6. Then select Uninstall again.
  7. The uninstallation takes destination.

The apps do exceptional work by making no indications of this uninstalled app.

Method # 3: Restore your personal computer to Factory Settings

If all choices prove worthless, you are able to restore your personal computer to default settings. This really is an extreme choice that ought to be your final measure, particularly if the software is causing your personal computer to malfunction.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Update & safety > data recovery
  3. You will discover the screen heading Reset this Computer; click Get started.
  4. There is likely to be two choices; keep my files or remove every thing. Since you need to eliminate the software, choose the latter.

How To Uninstall Origin on Mac

Uninstalling Origin on your Mac Computer is a lot easier than uninstalling it on Windows.

  1. Go to your App store.
  2. Search for the Origin app.
  3. Down-click regarding the software and drag it towards the trash symbol.


Uninstalling an app must not show hard, along with the practices offered, you need to believe it is easier. If you should be nevertheless struggling to delete the software, get assistance from a professional in order to avoid tampering along with other apps.

Frequently Expected concerns

What will be the effects if we uninstall the foundation software?

You won’t be in a position to purchase and install EA games any longer. You may encounter difficulties with currently set up games, and also you may need to down load them once again to carry on playing.

How do we delete my Origin Account?

You need to be doubly clear on this choice since it can’t be reversed. If you later need the account, you will have to create a different one.

1) Head to Origin’s website.
2) Into the menu regarding the left-hand part, simply click on register.
3) Input your credentials to register.
4) Then click the Contact Us section and then click regarding the platform you utilize.
5) Select Select my account > Delete account.
6) It’s going to direct one to the tech support team real time talk.
7 )And you’ll be expected some individual questions (Email address, Origin ID, reply to key concern) to verify the effort is through you.

After a month or more, you need to get a letter to verify in the event that effort had been by you. Following this, your account is likely to be deleted.

If I uninstall Origin, will my games additionally be deleted?

If you uninstalled Origin alongside clearing all recurring files, you’ve got deleted your games additionally. To get into the games, you need to install the apps together with games once again.

But in the event that you didn’t clear the foundation folder while uninstalling, all you have to do is reinstall the software. Then, you’ll be able to to relax and play your games regarding the unit once again.

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