How To Unlock Rotation on iPhone

There’s nothing more annoying than a smartphone that won’t change to landscape. You’re trying to see an article or relate to a map as you walk and unexpectedly recognize your iPhone is stuck in

portrait orientation

, rendering it impractical to have a look at things you need.Quick SolutionYou can certainly do so through the Control Center when you really need to change between portrait and landscape mode in your iPhone quickly. Your iPhone will likely then adjust to the way you hold it after the portrait orientation lock is disabled.

Rotating the display screen is an excellent option to see more at the same time, also it provides you with more room for texting, e-mails, as well as your internet sites. The increased display screen room causes it to be better to record everything and much more enjoyable to utilize your iPhone.

If you’ve got your iPhone in portrait mode, after which the desire hits to unlock rotation and change to landscape mode, some tips about what you need to do.

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