How To Unlock Sprint iPhone

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  1. 2 practices To Unlock a Sprint iPhone
    • Method # 1: Unlock Through the Sprint Support
    • Method # 2: make use of a Third-Party Unlocking Service
  2. Conclusion

2 practices To Unlock a Sprint iPhone

You’ll most most likely begin to see the message, “The SIM card set up in this iPhone is not supported under activation policy,” in the event that you you will need to utilize another SIM card in your Sprint iPhone without very first unlocking it. Or in other words, you must first unlock the device if you prefer it to do business with other cordless carriers’ systems. 

Use among the after techniques to unlock your iPhone in the event that you don’t wish to carry on utilizing the Sprint system or are visiting a country in which the community is not supported.

Method no. 1: Unlock Through the Sprint help

Follow the steps below to hire assistance from Sprint help to unlock your iPhone.

  1. Ensure your iPhone passes the eligibility requirements.
  2. Go to Settings > “General” > “About” to check on your iPhone model’s launch date.
  3. Call Sprint customer care for the unlock guidelines. Prepare your IMEI and Sprint account information.

Sprint will be sending you guidelines on how best to unlock your iPhone, therefore the procedure usually takes several days to many days to accomplish. When you have the guide, follow them thoroughly to unlock your phone effectively.

Method # 2: make use of a Third-Party Unlocking Service

You also can utilize a third-party phone unlocking solution such as for example to unlock your Sprint iPhone. This process is dependable, and you may get the iPhone unlocked in five basic steps.

  1. Fill out of the unlock kind along with your iPhone’s details.
  2. Wait for the third-party solution to process your demand.
  3. The solution will be sending the unlock directions to your e-mail.

Follow the how-to-unlock guidelines emailed for your requirements to unlock your Sprint iPhone. After effectively unlocking your iPhone, you’ll be absolve to utilize any cordless carrier’s community like T-Mobile, Vodafone, as well as other GSM providers around the world. 


SIM unlockers won’t help you in case the Sprint iPhone is reported lost or taken (blacklisted). Before calling unlockers, always check your phone’s blacklist status through an IMEI checker. You can find numerous IMEI checkers, therefore ensure you select the right anyone to get an exact report.


Unlocking your Sprint iPhone does not have to supply a headache. We’ve discussed two dependable techniques to accomplish therefore above. One would be to phone Sprint help and ask for unlocking in case your iPhone is qualified. One other technique involves utilizing a third-party phone unlocking solution. 

We’ve additionally discovered that third-party phone unlockers will simply assist you to should your iPhone’s blacklist status is clean. You must first check out the blacklist status of one’s iPhone utilizing the right IMEI checker before calling one of these. 

We hope that the Sprint iPhone qualifies for unlocking and that you’ll unlock it utilizing among the above practices. 

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