How To Unlock the Keyboard

Dining table of articles

  1. Reasons for the Keyboard Acquiring Locked
  2. Unlocking the Keyboard
    • Method number 1: Via Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Method number 2: Disabling gluey Keys
    • Method number 3: Uninstalling and Reinstalling Keyboard Drivers
    • Method number 4: Turning from the Filter Keys
  3. Replacing the Keyboard
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Reasons for the Keyboard Getting Locked

Some of this reasons which result your keyboard to have locked are as follows:

Unlocking the Keyboard

Unlocking the keyboard might seem a complex task, but luckily, it is really not since complicated since it appears. This step-to-step troubleshooting guide will save you lots of time and effort, allowing you to definitely get the keyboard back again to its working state without much trouble.

It is time for you to expose the four simple methods to unlock the keyboard. 

Method # 1: Via Keyboard Shortcuts

The primary method to unlock your keyboard is via keyboard shortcuts. But, the key combination differs with respect to the keyboard you’re making use of. To get this done:

  1. First, discover the right key for the “lock shortcut” in your keyboard.
  2. The keyboard shortcut is generally one of this F-keys, therefore press all of them one following the other.
  3. Once you identify one of the keys, press and hold the Fn key as well as the “lock/unlock F key” you discovered until the unit is unlocked.

Method number 2: Disabling gluey Keys

Another solution to unlock the keyboard is through disabling the gluey secrets. If these secrets are enabled on your computer, the keyboard will accept input after 20 moments, ensuing in a locked keyboard. 

  1. Press the Start button and go right to the “Settings” cog over the energy switch.
  2. Click on Windows + U alternatively.
  3. Next, select “Ease of Access”.
  4. Find the “Interaction” tab from the “Settings” sidebar and then click regarding the keyboard under it.
  5. Look for the “Sticky Keys” option and disable it if it is enabled in your PC.


The actions mentioned previously will simply work with Windows 10. Therefore, for those who have another Windows variation set up in your unit, press “Windows + U” tips in the keyboard to visit “Ease of Access” menu. 

Method number 3: Uninstalling and Reinstalling Keyboard Drivers

An outdated driver is usually the primary known reasons for your keyboard to cease working. You’ll correct it by uninstalling and reinstalling the motorists or simply just updating them after these actions:

  1. First, navigate to “Start Menu” > “Windows System” > “Control Panel” > “Device Manager”.
  2. Click regarding the keyboards industry to find the drivers.
  3. Next, right-click on the standard PS/2 keyboard and choose the “Update Driver” option.


You are expected to restart your personal computer when the upgrade is finished. When there is some issue, Windows will inform you to reinstall the motorists.

Method number 4: Turning from the Filter Keys

If you’ve got the filter secrets on, this could end up in the lagging of one’s keyboard. Some Tips About What you must do to disable them in your system:

  1. Navigate to “Start Menu” > “Settings”.
  2. Select “Ease of Access”.
  3. Next, choose the keyboard through the right pane.
  4. Choose the keyboard and find the “Filter Keys” choice.
  5. Toggle the switch below Filter Keys option to switch it down.


Once you successfully disable the filter secrets, kind one thing making use of your keyboard and validate it is unlocked. 

Replacing the Keyboard

If the above methods didn’t unlock your keyboard, possibly it’s damaged and needs become changed. When you go to the market, you’ll find lots of choices, from cordless keyboards to ergonomic people among others created for a specific function. 


In this write-up on how best to unlock the keyboard, we now have explored many reasons behind your input unit getting locked and talked about four techniques to repair the problem of a stuck keyboard. We now have additionally talked about changing the keyboard if all else fails.

Hopefully, one of these simple techniques spent some time working for you personally, now it is possible to quickly fix your keyboard and revel in a hassle-free typing experience. Be sure to change the unit with all the latest one if needed. 

Frequently expected concerns

Where could be the Lock Key on the keyboard?

The lock exists during the remaining end of one’s keyboard over the remaining change key. Its called Scrolling Lock or scroll lock and it is utilized to improve the behavior of cursor secrets in certain applications such as for example spreadsheets. By pushing the scroll lock, it’s possible to scroll the document as opposed to the cursor.

How to unlock the numeric keypad regarding the keyboard?

For unlocking the numeric keypad, press and contain the Fn switch near the remaining part of this keyboard. Press the Num Lock while holding the Fn switch. You will observe the Light-emitting Diode indicator switching down and certainly will now effectively type letters rather than figures regarding the right side of this input device.

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