How To Unlock the Keyboard on an Acer Laptop

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Laptop keyboards could be the bane of a few laptops’ presence. They will have gluey, they go wrong, so you usually become not able to type- your only option should be to type utilizing the on-screen keyboard. If it’s happened to your Acer laptop computer, keep reading to find how to fix it.

  • Quick SolutionIn some circumstances, the fix is a simple one that involves pressing Fn + F6 or F7
  • on the keyboard, yet other circumstances, a software glitch or a
  • driver issue could be the foot of the problem. In this case, you need to reinstall the drivers
  • or

    replace the keyboard


    This problem can also be due to

    dirt or debris in the keyboard or just just your laptop gets old. In other instances, it really is just a software glitch which may be fixed by restarting your laptop or reinstalling your keyboard’s drivers.Regardless, allow me to share various kinds of unlocking the keyboard on Acer laptops and fixing issues that might occur, so the keyboard works again. 

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