How To Unmerge Contacts on iPhone

A contact list on an iPhone

Sometimes, it’s wise to merge associates in your iPhone to eradicate duplicate associates and tidy up the mess in your contact list. In other cases, you might have split entries for various information regarding your contact. For example, you might have a new entry for the friend’s e-mail target, individual quantity, and contact number. Weird, nonetheless it are convenient.

Quick Answer

To unmerge associates in your iPhone, head to connections and select usually the one you need to unmerge. Simply Click Edit. In the bottom, you’ll find an Unlink switch. Touch on that, and you’re done! 

Luckily, it is an easy task to unmerge merged associates. It is because the iPhone merges associates such as possible undo it if you would like. In the event that you would also like to revert to split up contact entries, read on even as we cover the entire process of unmerging associates.

  1. How To Unmerge connections on an iPhone
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How To Unmerge connections on an iPhone

The following steps assume your associates already are merged. When you follow these actions, each merged contact could have its very own entry. 

However, you need to know that there’s no chance to unmerge your merged associates all at once, therefore if you can find numerous associates you need to unmerge, you’re going to have to proceed through them manually one at a time and unlink them.


Before unmerging and on occasion even merging your associates on an iPhone, we suggest that you make a backup of one’s associates in the event that you inadvertently lose an important quantity. 

Once the back-up is done and you’re ready to unmerge, right here’s everything you need to do:

  1. Go to your associates list. You are able to do this by tapping on the “Contacts” symbol. Instead, you’ll introduce the device application and then click on “Contacts.”
  2. Find the merged contact you need to unmerge then touch about it.
  3. Once the contact opens up, you’ll see an alternative to edit at the top right regarding the display. Touch about it. 
  4. Scroll down to your base regarding the display before you understand Linked associates section. Right here, you’ll see all of the merged associates.
  5. Besides each connected contact, you’ll see a red group. Touch on that to unmerge and restore the connected contact as a different contact. 
  6. Once you touch on the “Red Circle,” you’ll see an alternative in the right associated with contact that states unlink. Touch about it. 
  7. Finally, as soon as you’ve unlinked all of the associates, faucet on “Done” near the top of the display to utilize the modifications.
  8. Your associates are now unmerged. 


At times, we might have to unmerge our associates. For example, whenever we wish to organize a merged contact into company, family members, buddies, or work groups. In this specific article, we now have offered you approaches to unmerge your phone associates by visiting your Contacts App. Feel free always to return right here to test the actions when then you have to unmerge associates in your iPhone.

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