How To Unpair a Bluetooth Device on Android

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Bluetooth technology is trusted for connecting two products without the need for a cable. You’ll find Bluetooth in nearly every smartphone, laptop computer, and comparable material. If you’re somebody who relies plenty on Bluetooth for connecting to numerous products, there could be occasions when you need to unpair a computer device for connecting to some other one. Today, we’ll explore how exactly to unpair a Bluetooth unit on Android os. 

Quick response

The fastest solution to unpair a Bluetooth unit on Android os is through planning to Settings and accessing the “Bluetooth” tab. Right here, you will notice most of the products combined with your unit, and you may touch on some of them to unpair them. 

As mentioned previously, Bluetooth eliminates the necessity for a physical cable and certainly will link two products wirelessly. As an example, in the event that you got your self a Bluetooth keyboard, you’ll link it to your personal computer wirelessly without the need for any cables. All you have to do is switch on your keyboard, go directly to the Bluetooth settings of one’s Computer, and then click in the title of one’s keyboard. As soon as done, your keyboard is likely to be attached to your personal computer, and you may begin using it with no dilemmas.

There are numerous Bluetooth devices nowadays being made for mobile phones, specifically for Android os. We now have Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, and several other items that boost the cellular phone experience. Nevertheless, individuals often complain they cannot link other Bluetooth products with Android os as a result of unknown reasons. No real matter what they are doing, they have been struggling to link it. 

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How To Quickly Unpair a Bluetooth unit on Android os 

The cause of why this mostly takes place is basically because you need to unpair a previously paired device. If you’re attempting to set an identical unit with Android os, it won’t connect. As an example, when you have a Bluetooth presenter attached to your Android os unit, you won’t have the ability to hook up to another Bluetooth presenter until and unless you unpair the earlier one.

Unpairing a Bluetooth device is a fairly simple task. Moreover, itsn’t time-consuming and can scarcely simply take a moment doing. Here’s what you’ll have to do.

  1. Grab your Android os unit and head to Settings.
  2. Navigate through the Settings and access the “Bluetooth” tab. Some products could have Bluetooth settings into the “Connections” menu. 
  3. Make certain that the Bluetooth in your unit is turned on.
  4. You might find most of the Bluetooth devices paired along with your Android os unit into the Bluetooth settings. Touch in the the one that you wish to disconnect.
  5. From the a number of choices that may show up on the display screen, faucet on “Unpair“. 

After successfully following actions stated earlier, the Bluetooth device is likely to be unpaired. In the event that device is not unpairing even after tapping in the “Unpair” choice multiple times, it will likely be a good idea to restart it. The reason being sometimes, the unpairing procedure gets interrupted by a bug or glitch, which disappears after restarting your device.

Why If you Unpair a Bluetooth Device?

There are many reasons why you need to unpair a Bluetooth unit on Android os. Above all, it is crucial if you’re attempting to connect the same device to Android os, and you also can’t expect the device to operate two comparable products efficiently. Consequently, you will require very first to disconnect the formerly paired unit for connecting the next one. 

Unpairing a Bluetooth unit will help fix connection dilemmas. As an example, when you have a Bluetooth speaker attached with your Android os unit, the noise could be odd in the event that connection is all messed up.

In this instance, your very best choice is to unpair the Bluetooth device and set it again. You are able to duplicate the method twice to thrice if the issue isn’t going away. But, in many instances, the bond gets enhanced following the very first effort. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you will possibly not have the ability to set aided by the Bluetooth unit again immediately. In such a circumstance, you need to wait at the least a minute. Moreover, before combining it once again, restart your Bluetooth device first. 


This ended up being whatever you had a need to learn about unpairing an Android Bluetooth unit. As you care able to see, the method is not complicated and can simply take scarcely a moment. All you have to do is go directly to the settings; after that, you’ll unpair a computer device with just one faucet. However, if you get dealing with some dilemmas throughout the procedure, you can look at restarting your Android os unit as this can result in the issue disappear.

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