How To Unpair AirPods (From Any Device)

AirPods are becoming the defacto standard for in-ear sound when you have an iOS/Apple unit. Having said that, unpairing your AirPods could be a pain, due to the fact your AirPods remain linked to all products under your Apple ID’s umbrella. 

  • Quick SolutionTo Unpair your AirPods, do in order to following.1. Start the
  • Settings application on your own iOS device.2. Mind to
  • “Bluetooth” and touch in the info (“i”) icon
  • beside your AirPods’ name.3. Tap “Forget This Device”
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    In this informative article, we intend to record straight down most of the methods for you to used to unpair your Apple AirPods from suitable Apple products.

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