How to Unpair Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote

Apple television allows you to swipe, touch and make use of the Siri Remote to navigate menus, play games, and revel in films and television shows. The remote may be embarrassing and quite often doesn’t work well whenever combined with the product. Consequently, unpairing it could resolve the problem to help you make use of it seamlessly.

Quick Solution

You can unpair the Apple television remote by keeping straight down the Menu and Left arrow switch for six moments before the unlink icon seems regarding the television. You may decide to try disconnecting it through the Apple television menu by navigating to “Settings”> “General”> “Remotes and Devices”> “Unpair Apple Remote”. 

Apple television makes use of Bluetooth to set its remote, many of which could effortlessly be paired. But, it can be challenging to unpair them when they’re no more needed. 

Therefore, we’ve written a thorough guide on unpair Apple television remotes that will help you escape the problems you may be dealing with. 

  1. Types of Apple television Remotes
  2. Unpairing Apple TV Remote
    • Method # 1: Through the Apple television Menu
    • Method number 2: Unpairing utilizing the Apple television Remote
    • Method number 3: Unpairing Siri Remote
  3. Configuring A Universal Remote for Apple television
  4. Summary

Types of Apple television Remotes

Apple television remotes could be confusing. There are numerous variations, a number of that have other features and buttons. Why don’t we walk you through most of the kinds of Apple television remotes available.

Apple television Remote (4th generation) – that is Apple’s first-ever remote with touch settings which you can use for doing offers, scrolling through listings, managing your television, and much more.

Siri Remote – The Siri Remote is a little, black colored rectangle with an impression area at the top and an integral accelerometer and gyroscope.

Apple television Remote (3rd generation) – It is comparable to the original television remotes with an integrated accelerometer in order that things happen onscreen whenever you shake or wave it around.

Unpairing Apple television Remote

Don’t know how exactly to unpair the Apple television remote? We shall make sure that our three effortless methods with step-by-step directions will allow you to repeat this task quickly without much work.

Method number 1: Through the Apple television Menu

The Apple television remote should be nearby and connected to your television to unpair it through the Apple TV’s settings. To unpair Apple TV through the menu choices, follow these actions:

  1. Turn on Apple TV.
  2. Press down the Touch Screen for the remote to demand “Settings”.
  3. Now faucet “General” and select “Remotes and Devices” through the menu.
  4. Select the remote you want to unpair and tap “Unpair Apple TV Remote”.
  5. Once unpaired, you can view the broken chain-link icon throughout the remote symbol in your Apple TV.

Method # 2: Unpairing utilising the Apple TV Remote

You can quickly unpair the Apple television remote by pointing it towards the television and after these actions:

  1. Now hit the “Menu” and “Left Arrow” buttons simultaneously for six moments.
  2. Keep them squeezed and soon you understand unpaired icon throughout the remote symbol regarding the Apple TV.
  3. Your Apple television is successfully unpaired.


The above technique is solely for the white and aluminum Apple television Remote (3rd, 2nd, and 1st generations).

Method # 3: Unpairing Siri Remote

Unlike other Apple television remotes, you can’t unpair the Siri Remote. But, you are able to undergo several pairing directions to reset it. To take action, follow these actions:

  1. Turn on Apple TV.
  2. Now press the “Menu” and “Volume Down” buttons for five moments.
  3. Next, you certainly will quickly understand Apple television status light change on / off. 
  4. Release the buttons whenever it shows a “Connection missing” popup.
  5. The remote will restart quickly and it is immediately linked to the Apple television.

Configuring A Universal Remote for Apple television

The Apple TV remote is pretty intuitive, but remotes are one thing become lost or damaged quickly. Which means you tend to be shorthanded on purchasing a fresh one and might be selecting options. 

Thus, you’ll desire to get a grip on the television with universal remotes. The reason being configuring a universal remote to operate the Apple television is not hard and may be achieved within the following way:

  1. Turn in your Apple television and press down the touch surface to demand “Settings” option.
  2. Using the remote navigational keys, choose “General” and then “Remote and Devices”.
  3. Select “understand Remote”.
  4. Now select “Start” and follow the directions regarding the display screen.
  5. Once you have got done most of the actions, your universal remote is ready to work alongside your Apple TV.


In this guide on unpair Apple television Remote, we’ve talked about different kinds and generations of Apple television Remote and explored 3 ways to perform the unpairing procedure. In addition, we additionally explained how exactly to configure a universal remote to operate it together with your Apple TV.

We hope now you can unpair your Apple television Remote and resolve the problem you might be dealing with to carry on your activity. 

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