How To Unsend a Text on Android

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Imagine this: you’re in a rush; you typed away all of your message and hit send without double-checking the receiver, and then understand that you’ve delivered it to your incorrect individual. Or perhaps you made a large, embarrassing typo and delivered the message without proofreading. It takes place to your most useful of us, it is here what you may do to stop the message from likely to its receiver once you’ve struck submit? While there’s no chance to “unsend” an email, there are a few workarounds.  

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To “unsend” a text on Android os, turn off your phone, and take out of the battery pack as quickly as possible, ideally within 5 moments of giving the writing. Instead, you need to use third-party computer software to “unsend” a text, even in the event the receiver doesn’t have that app.

This article covers tips on how to save from embarrassment and prevent the message from achieving the receiver. Take A Look! 

  1. Can You “Unsend” Text on Android?
  2. How to “Unsend” a Text on Android
    • Method no. 1: turn off Your Phone Immediately
    • Method # 2: Use a Third-Party Software
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Can You “Unsend” Text on Android os?

The default SMS app generally in most Chinese phones supports this particular feature; nonetheless, it is impractical to “unsend” a text utilising the communications app on other notable Android os products like OnePlus, Bing Pixel, and Samsung phones. While Bing has introduced the “unsend” feature for Gmail, texting has yet getting this up-date.

And no matter if your smartphone’s native SMS application enables you to delete or “unsend” an email, it won’t eliminate the stated message through the recipient’s end. It is because texting is a two-way technology. Take “WhatsApp” or “Messenger”, for example. Since communications are exchanged for a passing fancy platform, it is simple to “unsend” messages on those apps. Texting is a one-way texting solution, and once you deliver the writing, it’ll be delivered for the following individual to read.  

But there are a few cheats you can look at to “unsend” a text on Android os.

How to “Unsend” a Text on Android

There are two methods for you to “unsend” a text on Android os. Let’s take a good look at both in more detail.

Method no. 1: turn off Your Phone straight away

This technique does not really “unsend” a text; it prevents it from being submitted 1st spot. You need to quickly turn off the telephone by pushing the energy key or getting rid of the battery pack if for example the phone enables you to achieve this (many phones today don’t have a removable battery pack). If you’re really quick, you are able to stop the message from sending – at most, you’ll just have 5 seconds after striking the “Send” button; otherwise, you will possibly not manage to stop it.  

You can verify that you’re effective by switching in your phone and reviewing your balance. You may also check always your communications; you’ll see a mistake stating that the message wasn’t delivered if perhaps you were effective. This process works for both SMS and MMS.

Method # 2: Use a Third-Party computer software

Many limited third-party apps in the Enjoy shop will allow you to “unsend” the message since Android’s integral features don’t enable you to achieve this. You’ll use one of these simple third-party messengers in place of your Android device’s stock messaging app. The greatest component is the fact that receiver does not have to have similar application to help you manage to “unsend” the text.


We’ve all delivered some embarrassing texts to your incorrect individual one or more times within our life. Nonetheless, unlike with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger, it is impractical to “unsend” a text on Android when you’ve delivered it. Ideally, we’ll understand this function quickly in an Android up-date. 

Till then, there are a few workarounds. As an example, you need to use a third-party application or just turn off your phone once you hit deliver and understand you’ve delivered the wrong message.  

Frequently expected concerns

Can you “unsend” communications in certain apps on Android os?

It is achievable to “unsend” communications in the event that apps by themselves offer the function. As an example, apps like “Telegram”, “Messenger”, “Instagram”, and “WhatsApp” allow you to definitely “unsend” communications within a specific schedule. Needless to say, these aren’t SMS apps, however they enable you to “unsend” the communications you deliver utilising the platform. 

Different apps have actually other ways to “unsend” an email. As an example, for “Telegram”, you’ll want to keep the message, faucet in the trash symbol, then tap on additionally delete for the receiver. Likewise, for Instagram and “Messenger”, keep the message and touch on “unsend”. For “WhatsApp”, long-press the message, faucet in the trash can icon then touch on delete for everybody. 

Keep in your mind that WhatsApp informs the receiver which you unsent a message.

Can you “unsend” an email which has recently been delivered?

Technically, it is nevertheless extremely hard to “unsend” a message when you’ve successfully delivered it. Nonetheless, the two methods outlined above might help you with that.

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