How To Update Apps on Vizio Smart TV

  1. why you need to upgrade the Apps in your Vizio Smart television
  2. How to improve Apps on Vizio Smart television
    • Vizio SmartCast television Platform
    • VIA (Vizio Web Apps) TVs
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

why you need to upgrade the Apps in your Vizio Smart television

If you’ve got maybe not updated the apps in your Vizio smart television, you will see that they’re not starting correctly or perhaps not being employed as they should. The outdated apps on Vizio Smart TVs become unresponsive because they could have some underlying mistakes and insects. 

So whenever you upgrade these apps, the latest updates would address most of the small mistakes and insects, as well as your apps would begin operating usually. Continue reading to get a step-by-step guide on upgrading apps on Vizio smart TV.

How to improve Apps on Vizio Smart television

There are two types of Vizio Smart TVs. Continue reading to understand just how to upgrade the apps for each of the kinds.

Vizio SmartCast television Platform

The Vizio SmartCast TV platform is available in two versions:

VIA (Vizio Web Apps) TVs

The VIA TVs by Vizio can be chosen in two variations:

Here’s exactly how you’ll upgrade the apps in your Vizio Web App (VIA) TVs:

  1. Click in the “V” button on your VIA TV remote, therefore the Vizio App shop will start up.
  2. Navigate to your app tile that you would like to update.
  3. Press the yellow button on your remote.
  4. If the truth is an “Update” switch, simply click on it to upgrade the app.
  5. If there isn’t any Update switch, go through the “Delete App” button to delete the app.
  6. Now restart the Vizio App Store and reinstall the application that you simply deleted to install the newest version of this app.

You may also immediately upgrade the Vizio television apps simply by upgrading the TV’s firmware. To upgrade the firmware of the Vizio Web App (VIA) television, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” in your television and then click on “System”.
  2. Next, find the “search for Updates” choice under “System”.
  3. If a fresh upgrade can be obtained, a confirmation prompt will start up.
  4. Select “Yes”.

Once your TV’s firmware is updated, most of the apps in your television is likely to be immediately updated.


In this guide, we shared just how to upgrade apps on Vizio Smart television. Develop you’re now capable effortlessly upgrade most of the apps in your Vizio television. You have to keep most of the apps in your Vizio Smart television in order for them to work correctly. 

Frequently expected concerns

Can you upgrade apps on a Vizio Smart television?

Yes. It is possible to upgrade the Vizio Web App (VIA) television apps, you cannot do this in the Vizio Smartcast TVs.

How to incorporate apps to a Vizio television?

Using the Vizio App shop, you can include apps to your Vizio television. However if you’ve got a Vizio Smartcast television, you simply cannot include any apps. You’re going to have to throw the apps making use of your Computer or smartphone.

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