How To Update the BIOS on a Gigabyte Motherboard

Gigabyte Motherboard

Using Q Flash

Setting Up After the Update

ConclusionFrequently expected concernsUsing Q FlashQ Flash is the better option to upgrade a Gigabyte motherboard. Unlike ASUS, that offers numerous solutions to update your BIOS, the choice with Gigabyte is fairly limited.Here’s ways to improve your BIOS making use of a Gigabyte motherboard.mind to Gigabyte’s support website and download the newest BIOS

upgrade based on your model. 

Once the file is installed as a

  1. ZIP file
  2. , you’ll need certainly to
  3. extract
  4. it.

Insert a

USB drive

into your unit.

  1. Format the drive to virtually any of this after file platforms.FAT32.FAT16.FAT12.Restart or turn off
  2. your computer. Then, turn it in or wait for system to restart.Press the END key the moment your computer shoes up. You can even visit your BIOS and press the F6 key
  3. to flash your BIOS.Once you’ve entered the Q Flash Menu, you’ll have the ability to navigate the menu
  4. utilizing your directional arrow tips. 
    • Once you’ve found your USB drive – aptly named
    • “Flash Drive”
    • – press
  5. Enter.
  6. If you have got a valid BIOS file, you may now have the ability to flash your BIOS.WarningDuring the complete procedure,
  7. you must not make an effort to turn fully off or restart one’s body. According to your motherboard together with update’s size, it will take about 10-15 moments
  8. for the change to endure.Setting Up following the UpdateNow that we’ve been through the change, you need to understand more recent form of the BIOS plastered on your own BIOS display screen. But we aren’t done yet. To ensure the earlier settings of your BIOS have actuallyn’t modified aided by the more recent change, right here’s what you should do.As soon as your BIOS articles, press the Delete key
  9. on your own keyboard.Select “Load Optimized Defaults”


Select “Save & Exit Setup”.You have actually effectively updated your BIOS and also have guaranteed there won’t be a conflict together with your settings. When you effectively start into your Windows, we suggest starting your BIOS and checking perhaps the after settings have now been impacted.XMP:

XMP pages are

overclock pages

  1. designed to drive your memory regularity to its advertised quantity. Every high-speed DDR4 RAM has an XMP profile which should be modified within the BIOS for the RAM to work correctly.
  2. Fan Speed: A custom fan bend can be emerge the BIOS to ensure optimal cooling
  3. . Establishing your BIOS settings to standard can hinder the fan bend or cause your fan to work more aggressively or passively.Boot Drive: The Boot Drive is where your BIOS first minds to find your OS. When you have numerous drives set up, you do not start into your OS due to the fact your boot drive modifications.


  • Updating your Gigabyte is not a challenging task. Nevertheless, we’re nevertheless quite saddened by the truth that there aren’t multiple change practices which also are the capacity to check always updates by themselves on a Gigabyte motherboard. Frequently expected concernsHow do I check always my Gigabyte BIOS change?You can check always your Gigabyte BIOS change by heading to your help site. When here, you should check the date for the newest change and compare it together with your BIOS version. Unfortunately, many Gigabyte motherboards usually do not offer the capacity to check always updates by yourself. 
  • Can a BIOS change harm the motherboard?No, a BIOS improvement cannot harm a motherboard. It is because it is official pc software and it is made just for the specific form of your motherboard. Nevertheless, in the event that you turn your motherboard off although it’s upgrading, there’s a higher opportunity that you could become damaging your motherboard or boot-locking it. 
  • what’s the BIOS key for the motherboard?If you intend to enter the

Q Flash Menu

, the

END key

is ways to make it happen. Having said that, if you wish to enter the

BIOS setup menu, the BIOS key could be the DEL key


Dining table of articles
Updating your BIOS on Gigabyte is very a straightforward procedure. Whilst the technique is archaic, it will complete the job. Gigabyte has a tendency to launch a couple of updates for the motherboards, including safety spots and gratification improvements.Quick Answer

To upgrade your BIOS on a Gigabyte motherboard,

format your USB drive to FAT 16/12/32. After doing this, down load the latest BIOS file through the Gigabyte help internet site and copy it to your drive. Now, start your personal computer up, press END, and available the Q Flash menu.This article will talk about ways to upgrade your BIOS on a Gigabyte motherboard. 

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