How To Upgrade the Processor on Laptop

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Processor in laptop

Generally, laptop computer processors or CPUs are not upgradeable because most laptop processors are installed on the motherboards utilizing a BGA (Ball Grid Array) socket. These processors are soldered to your motherboard and so are maybe not removable or upgradeable.

However, in the event your laptop computer processor is installed utilizing an LGA (Land Grid Array) or PLA (Pin Grid Array) strategy and supports detachability, congratulations! It is possible to update your processor; the sole issue this is actually the tricky procedure. There are lots of technicalities included, and a typical individual may possibly not be in a position to pull it off correctly.

So, in the event your laptop computer processor supports all of these features and you’re ready to update it for that additional processing energy, gear up. We are going to explain most of the steps and necessary data had a need to update the processor in your laptop computer below. Let’s start scrolling!

  1. Determine Your Processor Type
    • Compatibility
    • Limitation
    • Get the Tools
  2. The Upgrade Process
    • Step number 1: Make Your unit Ready
    • Step # 2: eliminate the Screws
    • Step number 3: Remove the Keyboard
    • Step number 4: eliminate All Connections
    • Step # 5: arrive at the CPU
    • Step # 6: substitute your Processor
    • Step no. 7: You’re Done
  3. Conclusion

Determine Your Processor Type

The initial thing to ascertain before you begin the replacement can be your CPU type. Visit your computer’s Properties and note your processor’s model quantity

Now, mind up to Google in order to find everything required, such as the mounting process of this Central Processing Unit. Verify it is maybe not BGA type; otherwise, you won’t have the ability to update the processor. They are other important things that you ought to additionally determine.


Your laptop computer will not support every existing processor. You cannot simply switch your processor using the one you need; usually the one you select needs to be compatible together with your motherboard.

Also, make sure that both the old and brand new processors offer the exact same socket kind regarding the motherboard. 


Like other device, your laptop computer has some limits. The newest generation i7 processor can’t supercede your old i3 or i5 chip. Search the CPUs your laptop computer motherboard are designed for by giving the laptop computer model quantity and processor model.

If maybe not determined very carefully, your laptop computer might warm up aggressively, breakdown, or may well not just work at all.

Get the equipment

An intricate machine like a laptop requires advanced abilities and tools. You’ll be popping away a lot of screws, so be sure you have actually suitable screwdrivers for eliminating tiny screws.

You’ll likewise require some cleansing acetone and thermal paste—more on that in the second component.

The Upgrade Process

Once you’ve got configured every thing and got your tools prepared, you will get into some genuine action. Keep In Mind! It’s not told to do it alone in the event that you don’t realize its technology. 

If something goes incorrect, your laptop computer may not accept the latest processor preventing working. Think us; you don’t wish that. With that said, let’s proceed to the actions involved.


This can not be a definitive guide for every single laptop computer, additionally the method vary from unit to unit as various manufacturers destination their elements differently.

Step # 1: Make Your unit prepared

Shut down and unplug your laptop computer if it’s becoming charged. Make certain that it cools down correctly for those who have been utilizing it for some time. The initial step should be to carefully transform it over, find the battery and eliminate it from your own laptop.

Step number 2: take away the Screws

Now, remove all of the screws you can observe in your straight back panel. Keep in mind to not dump the screws all around us; be smart and place them in a container. Now, carefully pull the trunk panel out.

After that, you will likely manage to begin to see the RAM and SSD, that are better to access as they are formally changeable components.

Step number 3: take away the Keyboard

The processor is put within the deepest caverns of one’s laptop computer. Eliminating the trunk panel isn’t sufficient, and a lot of laptops will be needing the keyboard become eliminated.

You’ll need certainly to make the keyboard pop out by prying, utilising the flat part of one’s screwdriver. When it’s down, split it through the motherboard by detaching the ribbon cable underneath.

Step # 4: eliminate All Connections

After that, it is possible to remove your base plate. Now you’re seeing the motherboard. Remove most of the ribbon cables the thing is here, undo most of the screws, and put aside most of the components, just like the presenter, asking connector, etc., in an order. That’s why newbies are not permitted!

Step # 5: Get towards the CPU

With a gentle pull and detaching it through the hard disk, you’ll be able to just take the motherboard in both hands. You’ll have actually to get rid of the cooling fan as well as heat pipe to reveal your mighty processor.

Step # 6: substitute your Processor

Pull out your old processor by drawing only a little screw beside it. Now, just take your brand-new processor, align it in identical place once the old one, and gently place it set up, making certain the underside needles of this processor are stuck set up.

When you tighten the screw once again, it’ll fit the processor to be sure it stays company. You don’t have actually to screw it with plenty of stress in order to avoid damaging the small needles. You’ll also need to make use of some acetone to eliminate the old thermal paste on the warmth sink pipe and place some brand new paste that may take a seat on top of one’s processor.

Step no. 7: You’re Done

Good task! You’ve got effectively upgraded your processor. The one thing kept is always to reassemble most of the components utilising the exact same disassembly process backwards order.

Patiently place everything set up, along with your laptop computer is able to be utilized once again. Energy it on and work out certain it’s ready to go. Develop it’ll work!


Upgrading the processor in your laptop is not a choice for all, which is just feasible on several unusual products; if that’s the case, the method is extremely technical. Nevertheless, as soon as you can perform it effectively, you’ll completely enjoy the faster processing speed in your old unit.

We hope this guide has assisted you discover the fundamental actions for updating your laptop computer processor. This complicated procedure isn’t become carried out by somebody without technical knowledge. But, the adventurers will really take pleasure in the procedure and outcomes aswell.

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