How To Use a 60% Keyboard

  1. what precisely is a 60% Keyboard?
  2. Which Keys Are Missing From a 60% Keyboard?
  3. Using a 60% Keyboard
    • Method # 1: Using the Fn Key
    • Method no. 2: using computer programs
  4. Troubleshooting 60% Keyboards
    • Method # 1: eliminating the USB Dongle
    • Method # 2: Switching the USB Cable
  5. Summary
  6. Frequently anticipated issues

What Is a 60% Keyboard?

The well regarded 60% Keyboards are paid off keyboards that have only 61 secrets. it really is normal to associate it with just minimal functioning when we find out about it; but, that isn’t the situation. The 60% Keyboards are highly functional and can also be better than a standard-sized keyboard. 

They could have a few missing secrets but don’t be deceived by the appearance of them. They’ve been mechanical keyboards and provide advantages such as for example testing out minimum space into the desk

They are an incredible complement gamers and travelers as they provide genuine convenience despite long hours of action and portability because of those compact size. 

Which Keys Are Missing From a 60% Keyboard?

As the 60% Keyboard is reduced in size, there are many secrets you could perhaps never ever take a situation to see. Nonetheless, you must recognize that even though secrets miss, the functionality will not be. 

Some of its lacking guidelines will be the arrow secrets, the top function line, the number pad, as well as the home group. Their functionality is compensated by the Alt, Ctrl, Fn, and Shift secrets. Specific combinations among these secrets enables you to optimize functionality.

Additionally, there are many pc software designed to replace the functioning of a 60% Keyboard.

Using a 60% Keyboard

If you’re struggling with using a 60% Keyboard, our 2 step-by-step methods will allow you to accomplish that task efficiently.

Method no. 1: Using the Fn Key

To make use of your 60% Keyboard for maximum functioning, use these actions.

  1. Hold down the Fn key into the base right element of an individual’s keyboard.
  2. Simultaneously, use the “P” key as the upper arrow, the “;” key as the paid down arrow, the “L” key even though the left arrow, and the ” ‘ ” key even though the right arrow.

Keep in Mind

To perform functions without the function line, the key is dependant on the Fn key. Press the Fn key simultaneously with 9 to press “F9”. To produce this advantage the function line, you merely have to hit Fn and press any number for the necessary function.

Method no. 2: using Software

You could also download software to make use of or alter a 60% Keyboard in the following way.

  1. Open a web internet browser into the device your keyboard is mounted on, and available Bing search.
  2. On their search club, sort the model of your 60% keyboard and its company, followed closely by “software download”, and press Enter.
    For example, “K530 Redragon software download”.
  3. Click into the first link and exercise specific it is authentic.
  4. Hit the “Download” switch, link it using your 60% Keyboard and set it up.
  5. After remapping the secrets, it is an easy task to use a 60% Keyboard like a standard-sized keyboard!

Troubleshooting 60% Keyboards

If your 60% Keyboard is not switching in or connecting to your personal computer, you will troubleshoot it utilising the after practices.

Method no. 1: eliminating the USB Dongle

To fix a malfunctioning cordless 60% Keyboard, follow these actions to troubleshoot it.

  1. Unplug the 2.4GHz USB dongle from your computer’s port.
  2. Clean it to remove dust particles about any of it.
  3. Replug the USB dongle in the slot to alter by yourself keyboard.

Method no. 2: Switching the USB Cable

If you have a wired 60% Keyboard, do these actions to show it in.

  1. disconnect the detachable USB cable through the computer and the keyboard.
  2. Replace the USB cable with a fresh one.
  3. Reconnect the cable to your 60% Keyboard and also the Computer and see if this fixes the connectivity issue. 


If the methods previously stated are not assisting you, you should take your keyboard set for fix. 


In this guide, we’ve discussed using a 60% Keyboard utilising the Fn key and especially produced software applications. We have also mentioned the secrets lacking through the keyboard and explored a few quick troubleshooting alternatives for connectivity issues.

Hopefully, your concern is answered in this article, and after this you will enjoy 100% functions all on your own reduced technical keyboard!

Frequently Anticipated issues

Are 60% Keyboards worth it?

Multiple factors weigh directly into select whether or perhaps maybe not 60% Keyboards are worthwhile. They’ve been suitable and comfortable for users who spend hours glued to your display. Nonetheless, if you’re someone who will not have enough time so that you can waste researching its secrets, the 60% Keyboard will not be for you.

What is the primary distinction between 100%, 60%, and 40% keyboards?

The important difference between your kinds of keyboards will be the number of secrets. A 100% keyboard has 107 keys, is costly, and it’s also well suited for data entry work. Whereas a 60% Keyboard has 61 guidelines, is compact, and it’s also ideal for gaming and traveling. Finally, the 40% keyboard has 41 keys and it’s also complicated to utilize.

Which 60% Keyboards will be the best?

The Asus ROD Falchion cordless Keyboard, Razer Huntsman Mini Analog, as well as the Cooler Master SK622 are a feature of this top ten 60% Keyboards.

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