How To Use Alexa as a Speaker for PC

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Using your Alexa as a presenter for the Computer is a wonderful concept for many reasons. The quality of sound is decent, so that you don’t have to spend some money getting committed Computer speakers. Plus, it will help to lessen the cable mess in your desk, particularly if you link the speakers via Bluetooth. And lastly, it is possible to nevertheless reap the benefits of Alexa’s solutions and sound commands in place of your regular speakers.

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To usage Alexa as a speaker for the Computer, you’ll want to connect your unit to your personal computer. With regards to the Alexa-enabled unit you have got (like Amazon Dot or Echo), it is possible to elect to link it to your personal computer utilizing an AUX, or perhaps you may use Bluetooth.  

If you’re unsure how for connecting your Alexa unit to your personal computer, right here’s all you need to understand.

  1. How To make use of Alexa as a Speaker for PC
    • Method number 1: utilizing Alexa as a Speaker Using AUX
    • Method no. 2: utilizing Alexa as a Speaker utilizing Bluetooth
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How To make use of Alexa as a Speaker for Computer

Depending in your unit, there are two main approaches to link Alexa to your personal computer and make use of it as your presenter: via AUX or Bluetooth. Let’s discuss both in more detail.

Method # 1: making use of Alexa as a Speaker Using AUX

Even though headphone jacks have become a rare sight, they’re nevertheless contained in many PCs, rendering it quite simple in order to connect speakers – all you have to do is plug within the AUX cable

regarding linking your Alexa-enabled unit to your personal computer via AUX, you’ll want to verify that it is feasible to take action. While Amazon Echo and Dot products include the typical 3.5mm jack, only a few of those can function as AUX input, particularly if you have actually an adult model. Newer models, along with premium Echo products, are the AUX input.

So, link your appropriate Amazon unit to your personal computer via an AUX. Next, you need to make use of the Amazon Alexa app to create it as Line-In. Here’s what you ought to understand.

  1. Ensure your unit is set up within the application, powered on, and plugged in via an AUX cable. 
  2. Open up the Amazon Alexa app. At the top left, you’ll see three dots; simply click that. 
  3. Select Settings > “Device Settings“.
  4. Choose your presenter through the list and then go directly to the “General” section.
  5. Choose “AUX Audio” > “Line In

That’s it! Anything you use your personal computer should now be played through Alexa.

Method no. 2: utilizing Alexa as a Speaker utilizing Bluetooth

If you love a cleaner setup, clear of the mess of cables, you should think about linking Alexa to your personal computer via Bluetooth

Most individuals choose linking the speakers via AUX due to the lag-free connection. Plus, it really is less vunerable to disturbance than Bluetooth; nevertheless, the latter is more convenient. When you’ve additionally went ahead with Bluetooth connectivity, right here’s what you ought to do.

  1. Open up a web web browser on your computer and head to
  2. Log in utilizing your Amazon account credentials. In the event that you don’t have a merchant account yet, sign up
  3. Click on “Settings” within the menu on the left and choose your device through the selection of products regarding the primary display screen. 
  4. Click on “Bluetooth“> “Pair a brand new device“. The product will maybe not begin looking for available Bluetooth products.
  5. Ensure certain your personal computer is discoverable. To do this, available the Bluetooth settings by typing “Bluetooth” into the search bar on underneath left of the display screen and choosing “Bluetooth as well as other unit settings” through the serp’s. 
  6. Click “Add Bluetooth or other device” near the top of the display screen and choose “Bluetooth” regarding the next display screen. 
  7. Choose your Echo through the selection of available products and simply click “Done” to confirm. You have got effectively connected your Echo to your personal computer as a speaker.
  8. Go back once again to your on line web browser and then click regarding the Back button to return towards the Bluetooth settings. In the event that you follow all of the actions properly, you’ll be in a position to see your personal computer under “Bluetooth products“.


Using Alexa as your presenter for the Computer has its advantages – you don’t suffer from cables, and you will nevertheless utilize sound commands. And also in the event that you don’t have Bluetooth on your computer, it is possible to nevertheless make Alexa function as presenter by linking it through the AUX, supplied your model is not too old. We’ve listed both methods in detail above. Follow those actions, and you’ll be good to go!

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