How To Use Apple Earbuds on a PC

Apple Earbuds on PC

Using Apple Earbuds on a PC

Method number 1: Connecting Earbuds With a 3.5mm Jack

Method # 2: Connecting Earbuds With a Headphone SplitterMethod # 3: Connecting Earbuds With a Lightning JackStep # 1: connect the Lightning AdapterStep # 2: Configure Earbuds With a ComputerChoosing Earbuds Microphone From Multiple Devices on PCSummaryFrequently expected concernsUsing Apple Earbuds on a PCIf you don’t learn how to make use of apple Earbuds on a Computer, our 3 step by step techniques will show you through this procedure without much difficulty.Method no. 1: Connecting Earbuds With a 3.5mm JackThe older variation of Apple Earbuds included a 3.5mm jack, that can be attached to a Windows

laptop or Computer by after these actions.

Plug in

  1. Apple Earbuds
    • into the
    • 3.5mm port
    • of your laptop computer or PC.
      • Press the
      • Windows
  2. key
  3. , type “
  4. Sound Settings

” into the search package, and press the

Enter key


Under the “ Output

  1. ” section, click on the “Choose Your Output unit” option.Set the output device as “Headphones
  2. “, as well as the sound will play via Apple Earbuds.Scroll down to “ Choose Your Input unit” and select “Headphones” for making use of the mic.DoneYou have actually effectively linked and configured Apple Earbuds to utilize them on your own PC.
  3. Method # 2: Connecting Earbuds With a Headphone SplitterIf your computer won’t have a 3.5mm jack, you’ll have actually to locate two ports indicating input and production for the sound. But don’t get confused; it is possible to nevertheless connect your Apple Earbuds to make use of the mic and headphones by after these simple actions.Plug the
  4. headphone splitter’smic and headphone jack into the Computer mic and headphone ports.
  5. Plug in your Apple Earbuds into the input slot associated with the headphone splitter.Go to “Sound Settings” and set “

Choose Output unit

” as “


“.Scroll down seriously to the “Output

  1. ” section and choose “Headphones ” from the “Choose Input unit
  2. “.You are now able to utilize Apple Earbuds on a PC for playing music or recording.
  3. Keep in your mindEnsure the sound drivers are updated on your own Windows os and so the Computer can recognize your Apple Earbuds.Method no. 3: Connecting Earbuds With a Lightning Jack
  4. If you’ve got the more recent form of Apple Earbuds with a lightning jack in place of 3.5mm, follow these actions for connecting it to a PC with a long lightning connector.Step no. 1: connect the Lightning AdapterPlug into the lightning jack of one’s

Apple Earbuds

utilizing the lightning connector. Link the

USB-A end associated with the connector along with your Computer and hold back until it acknowledges the product.Step # 2: Configure Earbuds With a PCAfter the Computer acknowledges the unit, right-click the speaker icon

showcased regarding the lower-right part of one’s display. Find the “

Sound” choice through the pop-up menu to see all of the input/output products


Go to your “Recording” tab to choose the “External Mic” through the list, click on the “Set as default” switch through the screen, and click “


“. The sound playback networks by standard through headphones, so that you don’t need certainly to alter that. After using these settings, you need to use Apple Earbuds on a PC.Quick SuggestionUsing the lightning connector with USB-A in place of USB-C production is better, whilst the USB-A slot is quite typical on virtually every Windows PC.

Choosing Earbuds Microphone From Multiple Devices on ComputerIf your personal computer has numerous headphones and microphones linked, it is possible to perform a hearing test from Sound products and set your Apple Earbuds as standard. Right-click the speaker icon regarding the right part associated with the taskbar and choose the “Sound” choice.Click the “


” tab to locate multiple products. Carefully talk in to the mic of the Apple Earbuds to try the sound unit. While you talk, you’ll see green pubs fluctuating regarding the display, showing that you will be making use of that particular unit. Choose that device and click “Set as standard” to make use of it as a mic.


In this guide on utilizing Apple Earbuds on a PC, we’ve discussed different how to link and make use of your older and brand new Earbuds variations along with your Windows computer.We’ve additionally talked about utilizing the Apple Earbuds as your default sound input equipment from numerous audio products. We wish our tips had been insightful and simple to know. Frequently expected concernsHow does Apple AirPods make use of a Windows PC?You can link Apple AirPods to your Windows PC. To work on this, place your AirPods in case. Now, press and support the switch situated on the straight back associated with the instance before you understand status light begins

blinking white. At this time, you’ll see the”Add a device” window on your own PC’s Bluetooth menu. Pair and connect your AirPods to use them in your Windows PC.

Apple Earbuds provide superior sound quality, which works seamlessly with non-Apple products. Nevertheless when it comes down to linking all of them with a Windows Computer, it may look confusing as a PC has both mic and headphone jack.

Quick Answer

To usage Apple Earbuds on a PC, link them towards the

3.5mm jack

of one’s Computer. Upcoming, type “

Sound Settings” into the search package and choose the very first outcome. Beneath the “Output” section, click “Choose Your Output unit“. Rather Than speakers, select “Headphones“. This article will show you on utilizing Apple Earbuds on a PC by talking about three simple techniques. Each technique will feature basic steps to improve your listening and recording experience on your own computer.

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