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Bitmoji on Android

Bitmoji is amongst the most well-known Android smartphone applications that permit you to make your customized avatar centered on unique individualized face features. The human-like avatar includes the custom-made emojis you can make use of because of the keyboards in applications like Snapchat. But the majority users desire to utilize Bitmoji along with other applications on Android os, such as for instance text.

Quick Answer

To utilize the Bitmoji on Android os text, download the Bitmoji application from Play Store and register. After establishing your customized avatar, navigate to your Android os device’s Settings > “Language and Input” > “Virtual or On-Screen Keyboard“. Touch “Manage Keyboards” and choose “Bitmoji Keyboard” make it possible for it in texting.

This article will make suggestions on making use of Bitmoji on Android os text with three practical techniques. Each technique will observe a step-by-step approach make it possible for customized keyboards to help you utilize Bitmoji while text texting.

  1. Using Bitmoji on Android os Text
    • Method # 1: Enabling Bitmoji Keyboard
    • Method no. 2: Switching to Bitmoji Keyboard From Settings
    • Method no. 3: Enabling Bitmoji in Gboard
  2. Using Bitmoji Keyboard
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Using Bitmoji on Android os Text

If you’re wondering just how to utilize Bitmoji on Android os text, our 3 step by step techniques will allow you to feel the procedure without much trouble.

Method # 1: Enabling Bitmoji Keyboard

Using the Bitmoji application to deliver customized avatars is an excellent choice. But, it might be easier in the event that you could deliver customized avatars with a designated keyboard in your texts. Follow these simple steps to send Bitmojis straight through the keyboard on Android.

  1. Download and install the Bitmoji application from Enjoy shop.
  2. Sign up to create your custom avatar and faucet “Keyboard“.
  3. Tap “Turn on Keyboard” and select “Enable in Settings” to gain access to the device’s settings.
  4. Toggle the switch close to “Bitmoji Keyboard“. Once enabled, you will end up directed back once again to Bitmoji app.
  5. Tap “Switch Keyboard” and choose “Bitmoji Keyboard” through the pop-up menu. 


Tap “Finish“, and you’ll have a Bitmoji keyboard as your standard typing input with emoji choices featuring your customized avatar.

Method no. 2: Switching to Bitmoji Keyboard From Settings

Another way to make use of Bitmoji on Android os text is through creating the keyboard through the Settings menu.

  1. Download and install the Bitmoji application in your Android os unit.
  2. Go to your unit Settings and faucet “Languages and Input“> “Virtual or On-Screen Keyboard“.
  3. Tap “Manage Keyboards” and toggle the enable switch close to “Bitmoji Keyboard“. 
  4. Tap “OK” to ensure, therefore the Bitmoji keyboard may be set once the standard input keyboard.

You is now able to deliver Bitmojis as a sticker or animated avatar on any texting application.

Quick Suggestion

Social news applications that permit you to paste pictures would enable you to include caption text to your Bitmoji before giving.

Method no. 3: Enabling Bitmoji in Gboard

The Google keyboard, additionally called Gboard, the most widely used input techniques on Android os products. If you’re maybe not keen on utilizing the standard Bitmoji keyboard, follow these actions to make use of Bitmoji o Android os text through the Gboard.

  1. Download and install Gboard if it is maybe not pre-installed in your Android os unit.
  2. Tap “Settings” and get to “Languages and Input“> “Virtual or On-Screen Keyboard“.
  3. Enable Gboard and set it as your default keyboard into the messaging app.
  4. Tap the round smiley face in the Gboard.
  5. Tap “Set Up Bitmoji” and log in to your Bitmoji account.
  6. Tap any Bitmoji to include it straight to a conversation through Gboard.

Using Bitmoji Keyboard

Using Bitmojis in your Android os text conversations can be effortless as using regular emojis, so follow these steps to feature your customized avatar in social media marketing and texting conversations.

  1. Tap the text industry on messaging application or any social media marketing application.
  2. Tap the smiley face symbol in the keyboard. 
  3. Tap the Bitmoji icon showcased close to your emoji icon.
  4. Tap the Search field to locate a certain Bitmoji.
  5. Insert the Bitmoji in your message and faucet “Send” to make use of it in a conversation.


This guide on making use of Bitmoji in Android os text provides three ways to make your conversations more exciting and interactive. 

We additionally talked about the manner in which you could search and pick Bitmojis for your discussion. We wish our recommendations had been convenient to follow along with to produce your conversations more enjoyable on Android os products. 

Frequently expected Questions

How do I use Bitmoji on Chrome?

To use Bitmoji on Chrome, visit the browser’s extensions web page and look for Bitmoji. Include the extension by pressing “Add to Chrome“. Log on to your Bitmoji account and then click the Bitmoji icon towards the top of the web browser toolbar to make use of it. 

Can i personally use Bitmoji on Galaxy Watch?

Yes. You’ll install the Bitmoji application for Samsung Galaxy App Store. Introduce the Bitmoji application and tap “Add a New Profile“. Right here you must pick “Bitmoji” and enter your profile information. You can include a fresh avatar and commence utilizing Bitmoji on your own Galaxy Watch.

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