How To Use GameCube Controller On Steam

Gamecube controller

Nintendo manufactured and launched the GameCube controller in 2001 for the GameCube house game system. Although you should buy an authentic Nintendo controller, several off-brand replicas are offered for purchase at low rates.

However, initial or reproduction, a widely expected question is whether or not the GameCube controller can be utilized with Steam customer on a PC and certainly will it definitely impact the game play? To produce things simpler for you, we took enough time to publish a step-by-step guide on utilizing a GameCube controller on Steam.

  1. Why Should i personally use a GameCube Controller?
  2. How to make use of a GameCube Controller on Steam?
    • Step # 1: Installing Wii U USB GCN Adapter/ vJoy Device Driver
    • Step # 2: Installing x360ce
    • Step # 3: Enabling GameCube Driver
    • Step # 4: Including files to your Steam Game folder
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

Why Should i personally use a GameCube Controller?

GameCube controller is famous for the ergonomic design. Its two-finger control buttons allow you to connect to games better and gives you the capacity to control movie and audio playback. The controller provides 30 hours of battery pack time which can be exceptional for extensive playing sessions.

Also, the controller buttons are actually satisfying to press and ensure better accuracy once you aim or navigate through various menus, specially in PC games.

How to make use of a GameCube Controller on Steam?

If you need to make use of a GameCube controller on Steam, you must make use of a third-party motorist called SC controller. The entire procedure are only a little complicated for many users, but our step by step guidelines can make the entire procedure simple and enjoyable as well.

So, without wasting any moment, here you will find the four actions you’ll want to follow to begin utilizing a GameCube controller on Steam.

Step # 1: Installing Wii U USB GCN Adapter/ vJoy unit Driver

  1. Buy a Wii U USB GCN Adapter and plug both ends of other USB ports into the PC.
  2. Download the newest form of the motorist for the Wii U USB GCN adapter.
  3. Now Run the Setup file and select your Install location and Shortcut choices.
  4. Once the installation is complete, a pop-up window called ‘Zadig’ can look.
  5. Click Options > List All Devices. Ensure that WUP-028 is chosen by standard within the drop-down menu and 057E and 0337 figures are chosen within the USB ID section.
  6. Next, choose Replace Driver > Confirm.
  7. Now you’ll start to see the vJoy Device Driver setup screen if the Windows closes on it’s own.
  8. Keep pressing Next to install the motorist finally.


Often, an error message appears, saying, “struggling to perform file….” – simply click OK to ignore this message because it does not influence such a thing within the installation procedure.

Step number 2: Installing x360ce

  1. Download both the variations of 32-bit games as well as the 64-bit games.
  2. Next, unzip the installed files into two various effortlessly familiar files and Install them separately.
  3. Install both variations individually.
  4. A warning window seems once you install some of the two variations.
  5. Click Create to produce the missing file and shut the caution list.
  6. A brand new screen called Windows Device Detected appears, and therefore the windows vJoy Device is chosen by the machine and it is prepared to be configured.
  7. Next, choose the Research immediately for the Settings option and tick Search the online world.
  8. Click Next > Finish.
  9. The “New device detected” window can take place 3-4 times; simply click Next > Finish each time it shows up.
  10. Finally, a window showing four controllers will arrive, meaning x360ce is picking right on up your adapter.

Step number 3: Enabling GameCube Driver

  1. On the x360ce window, kind GCN within the search box.
  2. Now click Wii U USB GCN Adapter within the remaining pane.
  3. Click Start. Afterwards, an email comparable to Port 1 – 4 detected’ will be.
  4. Go back once again to x360ce. With controllers 1-4 plugged in, verify that after you press down in the GameCube pad and analog stick, the thing is a reply from xbox 360 console controller buttons.
  5. Customize analog stick sensitiveness settings by changing the Dead Zone settings to 30% and Anti-Dead zone settings to 80%.

Step # 4: Including files to your Steam Game folder

  1. Go to your 32-bit or 64-bit folder of x360ce.
  2. Copy the three files and paste them under your Game in Local Disc (C:) > Program data > Steam > Steamapps > Common.


In this guide how you should use a GameCube controller on Steam, we explained the answer in four basic steps, from setting up Wii U USB Adapter to including your files to your vapor game folder.

Hopefully, the step-by-step information supplied in this essay is of use for you. When you yourself have followed most of the actions very carefully, it is possible to make use of the GameCube controller on Steam.

Frequently Expected Concerns

What are third-party GameCube Controllers?

Third-party GameCube controllers aren’t produced by a console maker and therefore are often cheaper compared to the Nintendo initial ones. Nevertheless, this does not always mean why these controllers lack performance, as a few Pro controllers will also be third-party.

How could I uninstall the Gamecube Controller from my PC?

If you wish to uninstall GameCube, follow these actions.

1) Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Game Controllers > SC Controller and select Uninstall choice.
2) Next, you will observe a window with all the choices Yes and No. choose “Yes” to uninstall.
3) Last but not least, disconnect your SC controller from your own computer.

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