How To Use Google Home Mini As a Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Enabling Bluetooth Mode on Bing Residence Mini
    • Step number 1: Verifying Operations 
    • Step number 2: Initiating Pairing Mode
  2. Pairing Bing Home Mini With a Bluetooth unit
    • Method number 1: linking to Bluetooth From Windows 
    • Method number 2: linking to Bluetooth in macOS
    • Method # 3: linking to Bluetooth on Android
    • Method # 4: Pairing Bluetooth in iOS
  3. Conclusion

Enabling Bluetooth Mode on Bing Residence Mini

Red Google Home Mini

Google Residence Mini uses Google Assistant as the primary motor. Consequently, every procedure is reasonably autonomous, generally there is no importance of any buttons or interfaces. Luckily for us, there clearly was a separate command for Bing Residence Mini make it possible for its Bluetooth pairing mode

Step # 1: Verifying Operations 

Firstly, you will need to test perhaps the unit is playing demands or otherwise not. For that, state the following facing it: Hey Bing!

You should hear a beep from your own Bing Residence Mini, and it surely will display four white dots. Nevertheless, you could get an unusual cue dependent on your unit’s version. 

Step no. 2: Initiating Pairing Mode

Here may be the demand to help make Bing Residence Mini enable its Bluetooth pairing mode: Hey Bing! Bluetooth On.

The unit will be sending a confirmation message indicating so it must certanly be noticeable within the Bluetooth pairing list. As soon as done, check out your appropriate unit and set it with Bing Residence Mini. 


Google Home Mini may be the cheapest smart presenter item from Bing. Unfortuitously, it compromises in terms of the sound quality, therefore it’s only generally recommended as a standalone speaker.

Pairing Bing Residence Mini With a Bluetooth unit

Google Home Mini pairing

There are numerous methods of accessing the Bluetooth in your unit, nevertheless the procedures are comparable with respect to the platform. Nevertheless, you will need to finish the Bluetooth enabling process in your Bing Residence Mini before continuing.

Check out of the actions below.

Method # 1: linking to Bluetooth From Windows 

While the actions might differ dependent on your form of Windows, the general procedure is reasonably comparable. This guide will concentrate on the latest Windows 11.

  1. From the Start menu, press the cog icon on the left to start Settings.
    Start menu search
  2. Select “Bluetooth & Devices” and tap the change to start Bluetooth.
    Bluetooth activation
  3. Locate and then click the Google Home Mini through the directory of available Bluetooth products. 

Once the pairing procedure is finished, your Windows Computer will link immediately whenever the Bing Residence Mini’s Bluetooth is in range. 

Method number 2: linking to Bluetooth in macOS

Check out of the procedure allowing you to connect your macOS unit with a Google Residence Mini.

  1. Head towards the Apple menu and available System choices from there.
    System Preferences
  2. Click on “Bluetooth” and watch for your unit to accomplish its scanning procedure.
    Bluetooth Settings
  3. Select the Bing Residence Mini through the list and click “Connect” to initiate and finish the pairing procedure. 

Unless you eliminate the unit or shut it straight down, it’ll remain connected. Consequently, it is generally speaking suggested to eliminate it by control-clicking its title. 

Method no. 3: linking to Bluetooth on Android

The Android os experience for each application differs from unit to unit, nevertheless the fundamental design is comparable. This is how you’ll link your Bing Residence Mini to your Android os unit.

  1. Swipe down through the top of the device’s screen to start a drop-down UI. 
  2. Hold to the Bluetooth icon before the Bluetooth Settings open.
    Bluetooth on Android
  3. Choose Google Home Mini’s title within the directory of available products and complete the pairing procedure. 

It’s recommended to help keep your Bluetooth down to preserve battery life. Consequently, just allow it when you need to get in touch to Bing Residence Mini to make use of it as a Bluetooth Speaker. 

Method no. 4: Pairing Bluetooth in iOS

The pairing procedure on iOS is easy and simple to follow along with. Perform the steps below to ascertain a Bluetooth reference to your Bing Residence Mini.

  1. Head to Settings and place “Bluetooth“.
    Bluetooth on iOS
  2. Turn it on and then click on Google Home Mini to get in touch. 


Converting your Bing Residence Mini to a Bluetooth presenter is a 2-step procedure. You tell these devices make it possible for Bluetooth and link that using the target unit. When you shouldn’t have difficulty throughout the pairing procedure, certain platforms are unstable. Such cases, ensure that you redo the whole procedure once again.

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