How To Use GPS on Apple Watch

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Apple Watches are of the very most breathtaking things technology has provided us. There’s a great deal we are able to do with your wearable products along with checking time. Nonetheless, in the event that you simply purchased a brand new Apple Watch recently, you may want to learn just how to utilize GPS. Well, we’ve got you covered!

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There are a couple of approaches to utilize GPS in your Apple Watch. One is through pairing the device along with your iPhone, allowing any instructions you set regarding the phone to produce regarding the view immediately. Because of this technique, you’ll want your iPhone nearby. One other procedure involves utilising the built-in GPS feature on Apple Watch Series 2 as well as other current releases. 

We’ll address all of this in more detail below. Read on to comprehend everything required and understand which technique most useful fits you. 

  1. 2 techniques To make use of GPS on Apple Watch
    • Method number 1: set the Apple Watch along with your iPhone
    • Method no. 2: make use of GPS on Apple Watch Without iPhone
  2. How To Use the Various qualities While regarding the Journey
  3. Conclusion

2 solutions to make use of GPS on Apple Watch

Method number 1: set the Apple Watch along with your iPhone

It’s the best way to make use of GPS on an Apple Watch. Once you pair the 2 products, any instructions you set regarding the phone are delivered immediately towards the view.

That means you’ll be in a position to access any areas you’ve started regarding the phone through the view, and you won’t need pulling your iPhone from the pocket or switching regarding the display to see instructions. The Apple Watch will capture your location information through the GPS in your iPhone.

So, right here’s just how to start it.

  1. Open the Watch app on your own iPhone’s house display screen.
  2. Scroll down and select “Maps“. You’ll find several options, including “Driving“, “Walking“, and “Transit“.
  3. Tap regarding the function you want to utilize in your Apple Watch to maneuver the toggle switch towards the on position.

Once you turn the function on, any instructions you set will automatically show in your Apple Watch so long as your iPhone is nearby.

Method no. 2: make use of GPS on Apple Watch Without iPhone

Apple Watch Series 2 therefore the releases that came later have built-in GPS. Consequently, in the event that you’ve got one of these, you don’t have to have your iPhone nearby to locate instructions. Here’s what things to do/

  1. Press the digital top to get into the Apps screen.
  2. Tap the Settings app and choose “Privacy“.
  3. Turn on “Location Services“.
  4. Tap the Maps app regarding the display screen.
    Once the Maps app in your Apple Watch starts, you’ll see two choices; “Search” within the top-left and “Location” within the top-right area of the display. Tap the “Location” to see a map of one’s current location suggested by a blue dot
  5. Tap “Search” to create away three options: “Dictation“, “Scribble“, and “Contacts“.
  6. Choose the “Dictation” choice to pull up a microphone. State aloud the title for the location you need to head to. A revolution for the title you say should appear in the bottom for the display.
  7. Tap the destination name on your own search engine results and tap “Done” during the top-right part for the display. 
  8. Choose the mode of transport under “Directions“.  
  9. Scroll down using the electronic crown and select “Driving“, “Walking“, or “Transit“.
  10. Select a route you want to decide to try reach finally your location. The trail at the very top is often the quickest based on where you’re presently and also the traffic circumstances.
  11. Use the turn-by-turn instructions regarding the display to go to your location. 

How To Use the Various qualities While regarding the Journey

Your Apple Watch provides several choices that will help you while en route and ensure you don’t get lost. When you start your journey, you’ll see most of the turns you’ll simply take along with highway and street names regarding the display.

You may also touch regarding the key that appears like a double wave in the bottom center for the display to get into a map for the inbound turn’s location. Make use of the electronic top to zoom the map inside and out per your requirements.

Tap the three horizontal lines/dots when you wish to come back towards the turn-by-turn list. Your Apple Watch enables you to understand when you should turn utilizing noises and taps. For instance, turn right during the corner you’re approaching when you hear a low-to-high tone and left whenever you hear a high-to-low tone. You need to feel a vibration when you’re in your last leg for the journey or when you arrive.


That ended up being our article on the best way to utilize GPS regarding the Apple Watch. We’ve discussed two methods to start it. Method one involves combining the view along with your iPhone making sure that any instructions you set regarding the phone are presented immediately regarding the view. This process is effective for Apple Watches that don’t have actually built-in GPS. 

The 2nd technique would be to make use of the Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby. Right here, you’ll need an Apple view with built-in GPS, like the Apple Watch Series 2 or Apple Watch Series 3. With some of these watches, searching locations and make use of the turn-by-turn as well as other valuable features to navigate your location. 

We’ve discovered that in technique two, you don’t have to have your iPhone nearby to get into the GPS function in your Apple Watch. We wish you are in possession of a sense of utilizing GPS in your Apple Watch.

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