How To Use Magnifier on iPhone

Magnifier for iPhone

Did you understand that the iPhone has a magnifying feature people don’t learn about? The Magnifier device employs your digital camera to magnify things. The main focus quality on things with all the Magnifier differs centered on your iPhone’s digital camera quality. So that the question now could be how can one make use of the Magnifier on iPhones? 

Quick Solution

To use the Magnifier on iPhone, first, you intend to visit Settings > Accessibility and include the Magnifier as an accessibility shortcut. Then through the shortcut, it is possible to start the Magnifier device and make use of it to zoom in on things whenever you want. 

Note that the Magnifier device is built-in and free to make use of on iPhones. This device is handy if you find yourself in a dark restaurant and forget your spectacles but wish to read a text. Even though the device is concealed in your iPhone, it is possible to turn it in using the actions we’ll elaborate on in this guide. 

Dining table of articles

  1. Steps to utilizing Magnifier in your iPhone
    • Step # 1: start the Settings App
    • Step # 2: Enable Magnifier as an Accessibility Shortcut
    • Step # 3: start the Magnifier Tool
    • Step # 4: utilizing Its qualities
  2. Summary

Steps to utilizing Magnifier in your iPhone

With the Magnifier device, it is possible to zoom in and magnify your environments utilizing your iPhone’s camera. But unlike other tools on your own iPhone, just like the flashlight or calculator, you have to first allow the Magnifier device. The iPhone Magnifier device is simple to stimulate, also it’s a neat trick to possess just in case you get in times where you’ll want to zoom in on things. 

The best benefit about utilising the Magnifier device is you certainly can do more than simply zoom in on your own environments. With this particular device, it is possible to save yourself the zoomed image, use filters, and many other things. Below we elaborate on four simple actions to try begin utilising the Magnifier device. 

Step # 1: start the Settings App

The very first thing you should do is always to start the Settings app. To work on this, faucet regarding the Settings symbol regarding the website of the iPhone. In the event that Settings software isn’t regarding the website of the iPhone, then swipe down through the top of the iPhone and key in Settings into the search dialog to find the Settings software. Or better yet, you’ll ask Siri to start the Settings app for you personally. 

Step number 2: Enable Magnifier as an Accessibility Shortcut

In the Settings software, you intend to scroll right down to the “General” option and faucet onto it to start it. Within the General menu, search for the possibility “Accessibility” and touch onto it. Beneath the Accessibility menu, choose the “Magnifier” option and toggle the switch “On” to incorporate Magnifier as an accessibility shortcut. Once you start the Magnifier device function in accessibility, you provide the device authorization to overwrite system files. 

In other terms, the Magnifier device can access specific areas of your iPhone that ordinary apps ordinarily wouldn’t, including usage of your iPhone’s camera, flashlight, etc.  

Step # 3: start the Magnifier Tool

To open the Magnifier device, there are two main methods for you to do so. The very first is typically the most popular choice, involving utilising the power button or home button, depending in the version of iOS your iPhone utilizes. In contrast, one other technique involves incorporating the Magnifier device towards the control center of the unit. 

To start the Magnifier device with buttons, particularly if you are employing the iPhone X or later on, just triple tap regarding the side button of the iPhone, and it surely will immediately introduce the Magnifier device. And in case you employ the iPhone 8 or earlier in the day, triple tap on the home button to introduce the Magnifier device. 

Suppose you don’t wish to utilize buttons, check out the Settings app on your own iPhone once again. But this time around, scroll down and tap regarding the “Control Center” choice to start it. In this menu, search for the Magnifier device and faucet regarding the “Add” option near the Magnifier device. Using this method, the Magnifier device will show up into the control choice, and you may start the device by going into the control focus on your iPhone. 

Step number 4: utilizing Its qualities

once you start the Magnifier device, after that you can begin to use it. To utilize the Magnifier device, you have to make use of the slider to zoom in or out of things. Should you want to secure the main focus, faucet regarding the lock key. If you tap the guts key, it is possible to simply take a photo of whatever is on your own display screen. Mess around using the device to learn more how its function works getting the hang from it. 


If you will find the standard setup associated with Magnifier device maybe not as much as your preferences, it is possible to modify it to add whatever function you will find more useful. 


In summary, activating the Magnifier device is a good function which comes in handy in several situations. Remember that whenever you start the magnifier device, you won’t think it is in your iPhone’s house display screen or software collection. But, you can include your unit control center or make use of your iPhone’s part or house key. 

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