How To Use the Degree Symbol on iPhone, iPad, and iMac

Using the iPhone

Using their education icon on an iPhone or iPad

Method # 1: using the Default Keyboard

Method number 2: Using a Third-Party Swipe Keyboard

  1. Using their education icon on a Mac unit
    • Method # 1: Using the Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Method number 2: utilising the Emoji Keyboard or Character Viewer
  2. Conclusion
    • Frequently expected concerns
    • Using their education icon on an iPhone or iPad
  3. On both the iPhone and iPad, utilizing the “degree” icon follows exactly the same procedure. Lots of users think it is difficult to utilize the level (°) expression on the iPhones or iPad. You need to use either the standard keyboard available or a
  4. third-party swipe keyboard

like Swiftkey to utilize the expression. The actions below will reveal exactly how it is done.

Method number 1: Making utilization of the Default KeyboardMost iPhone and iPad users stay glued to their standard keyboard. It could be challenging to work down where to find the amount expression in the beginning, nevertheless the guidelines below will lay it down for you.Open your iPad keyboard or iPhone. In your iPad, ensure the keyboard is active.

Click regarding the key “123” to start the

numeric keypad

  1. .
  2. Press and hang on the zero (0) key to create down a little pop-up.Among the symbols regarding the iPhone, get the degree (°) expression and faucet to decide on it.Method number 2: Using a Third-Party Swipe Keyboard
  3. There are many popular third-party swipe keyboards on the market for the iPhone and iPad. The 2 popular people are
  4. SwiftKey

and Gboard, the

Google Keyboard.Open any app where in fact the third-party keyboard is employed, such as for instance Safari, communications, or Notes.Press “123” regarding the keyboard. This can open the numeric keyboard.

  1. Long press zero (0) before the level (°) expression seems.
  2. Move your hand throughout the level expression until it’s highlighted, then let it go.
  3. No matter what type of keyboard you utilize, by after the above actions, you are going to be a professional in making use of the amount expression on your own iPhone or iPad in place of composing “degrees” all of the time. Now, let’s view exactly how we may use this expression while typing on a Mac unit.Using the amount icon on a Mac Device
  4. On Mac devices, there are two main methods for you to utilize this expression. One is to apply the

keyboard shortcuts

, additionally the other is to apply the

character audience technique. Let’s check both techniques in more detail.Method number 1: Using the Keyboard ShortcutsThis technique is ideal for Mac users whom utilize keyboard shortcuts usually because it is straightforward to keep in mind if you’re proficient in keyboard shortcuts. Other people can choose the next method.Launch the

Mac keyboard


  1. Now press Shift + Option + 8.
  2. The level expression can look.WarningThere is a symbol called a diacritical mark. That is comparable but smaller compared to the amount expression. You are able to compose utilizing Option + K. So, observe that you avoid confusing the 2 symbols.
  3. Method number 2: utilising the Emoji Keyboard or Character Viewer

For differently-abled individuals, it could never be feasible to type because of the real hindrances. In such instances, utilizing the emoji keyboard to have the amount expression becomes of good use. They could utilize the vocals demand to find the expression within the character audience.

Open the emoji keyboard or

character audience


  1. Type “degree” within the search club regarding the top-right part.The degree (°) expression seems to work with.Drag from the various options –
  2. degrees, levels Fahrenheit,
  3. or
  4. degrees Celsius – to choose the thing you need.Close the smoothness audience when done.TipYou can add on the amount (°) expression to your favorites within the character audience in the event that you intend to utilize it frequently.
  5. The level expression may be used in Mac products utilizing keyboard shortcuts. But, for people who don’t utilize it usually, recalling the shortcut is difficult. Such situations, utilize the 2nd approach to utilizing the expression through the emoji keyboard.


The level expression is employed plenty, specially by technology or math pupils whenever calculations need to be done. They’re also beneficial in the medical industry and transcriptions to exhibit conditions. On an iPhone or iPad, it is possible to utilize the expression by accessing it regarding the numeric keypad. The strategy is nearly exactly the same for inbuilt and third-party keyboards like Gboard. Mac products have actually two ways to form the amount expression. One is utilizing keyboard shortcuts, additionally the other technique is through the emoji keyboard or character viewer.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we obtain the level expression on MS term?

You can access the amount expression on MS term utilizing the “Symbol” drop-down menu. You can utilize the keyboard shortcut Alt + 0176. These will come in handy when writing calculations or clinical text where in fact the level is employed frequently.

How do we use the amount expression on an Android unit?

The procedure for accessing the amount expression on any Android os unit is the identical. Start an app utilizing the keyboard, and then click on “123” to open the numeric keyboard. Then, long-press on zero (0) before the level (°) expression seems. Float your finger over that icon and soon you choose it. It’s going to then show up on your text. This technique is true of both built-in and third-party keyboards.

How do we form the amount expression on Facebook?

If you might be on a PC desktop or laptop computer, simply utilize the keyboard shortcut Alt + 0176. For Mac users, push on Shift + Option + 8, additionally the level expression can look. On cellular devices, access the numeric keyboard by pressing “123”. Press and hold the zero (0) key before the level expression seems. Find the expression to use it.

Suppose you might be composing a medical or clinical thesis. If that’s the case, you may need to utilize “degrees” in several places – in physics, math, and heat. Even yet in every day life, we usually type “degrees” in the place of utilizing the icon ° within our writing. Well, have actually you ever wondered how exactly to form the amount expression on your own unit?

Let’s observe to utilize the expression level on any Mac, iPad, or iPhone device.

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