How To Use the Uber App Without a Credit Card

It might seem strange to people in the us, but credit card seriously isn’t the most used payment method on Uber in many country. While credit card payment is the most well known payment method on Uber for most developed countries, cash continues to be the most well known for people in Brazil and Asia, where Uber has a large clientele. 

Quick SolutionInstead of using a credit card after the repayment method in your Uber application, you will invest together with your debit card or Uber money balance. PayPal typically accepted as a payment method so long as it is for sale in what your location is. You can utilize digital wallets like Bing Pay, Apple Pay, etc. In developing countries like Asia and Brazil, you will invest with cash


In the next few paragraphs, we aspire to explore most of the alternative repayment strategies about the Uber application if you refuse to need to utilize a credit card. 

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