How To Wash a Mousepad


Watching your chosen film whenever you spilled soft drink regarding the dining table and soaked your mousepad? Or did your mousepad get dirty as you spent hours on your desktop leveling up your Call of Duty account? Unfortuitously, mousepads have a tendency to get dirty quickly as a result of simply how much they truly are utilized and will frequently impact the performance of the mouse’s sensor.

Quick Answer

There are multiple techniques to clean your mousepad, however the best means is by using just a little dish soap or some laundry powder and gently clean it and dry it in indirect sunlight to guard its area from getting damaged.

Mousepads frequently can be found in different garments with respect to the sensor they truly are designed to work well. Some mousepads are manufactured from generic materials such as for example plastic and microfiber.

Still, some premium mousepads have actually materials that need additional care while cleansing because when they have damaged, then sensor will not react well towards the motion made onto it.

Read on to find out more on how to clean your mousepad correctly and keep it hygienic and working properly.

Dining table of articles

  1. Washing Your Mousepad
    • Step # 1: pick the Sponge as well as the Cleaning Agent
    • Step number 2: immerse the Sponge as well as the Mousepad
    • Step # 3: Wash the Mousepad
    • Step # 4: Dry the Mousepad
  2. Conclusion

Washing Your Mousepad

Whether consuming in your desk or video gaming the whole day, mousepads often have dirty quickly, however you usually do not appear to understand that. Since mousepads usually are stated in darker colors, you usually do not recognize exactly how dirty they truly are.

A fast strategy for finding should your mousepad is dirty is always to try to scrape it making use of your fingernails. If white lines are developing regarding the area where you scrape it, it’s likely that your particular mousepad requires a wash!

Step # 1: pick the Sponge and also the cleansing Agent

Firstly, you will need to select a sponge to completely clean your mousepad. Frequently, how to get is to look for a sponge that is soft or has a soft part onto it. You will need a soft product because if you utilize any materials with razor-sharp sides or harsh irregular habits, you may scrape your mousepad while cleansing and damage its area.

It can also be important that the sponge you employ is new. Making use of a classic sponge could have dust as well as other debris inside it. The debris and dust can lead to your mousepad’s area perhaps not being washed correctly and, in some instances, also staying with the outer lining.

Now, for the cleansing detergent, there are two main techniques to get. Firstly, you can make use of dish soap. Its weaker than detergent and really should quickly eliminate any little spots, perspiration markings, and dead epidermis stuck regarding the mousepad. 

A second option is to work with laundry powder. Laundry powder is stronger than detergent and can better tackle difficult spots such as for example spilled food or beverage. Laundry powder may also be helpful for those who haven’t washed your mousepad in a little while and all sorts of the spots are becoming tough.

Step no. 2: immerse the Sponge additionally the Mousepad

Now, you will need to immerse the sponge in water. Because the sponge is brand new, it should be very first soaked in lukewarm water so that it gets soft and doesn’t damage the outer lining.

After soaking the sponge, you will need to soak the mousepad. Good strategy is always to utilize a bathtub or ideally a water container that’s large enough to match your mousepad so the whole mousepad gets wet precisely.

Soaking the complete mousepad enables most of the spots become eliminated correctly. It is because soaking escalates the time the material therefore the cleansing detergent or detergent have been in contact, assisting clean the surface better.

Step no. 3: clean the Mousepad

After soaking your mousepad, distribute it over a set surface. Now, distribute some washing powder or dish soap throughout the area. Make use of your fingers to make sure that most of the powder or detergent is spread evenly on the mousepad’s area.

Now utilizing the soft sponge, begin scrubbing the top of mousepad. The main benefit of utilizing the soft part is the fact that you’ll scrub it because difficult as you need, therefore the area will perhaps not get damaged.

Depending how dirty your mousepad is, it will just take you roughly 2 to 5 minutes to correctly scrub the outer lining and eliminate most of the spots as a result. In the event that mousepad is dirty, start thinking about washing the detergent away making use of lukewarm water and saying the method.

After cleansing the outer lining, now start your mousepad and begin scrubbing the trunk. This component is normally clean, so that it will perhaps not just take much work to completely clean it.


While cleansing your mousepad, do not use warm water. Making use of warm water will melt the plastic and result in the mousepad to get rid of its structural integrity.

Step # 4: Dry the Mousepad

After cleansing your mousepad, it is time for you dry it correctly, as any staying water in the mousepad will harm your mouse.

Firstly, you will need to just take a towel and put it around your mousepad, and press onto it. This may enable the water become consumed in to the towel and remove any excess water through the mousepad. Repeating this method numerous times will dry much of your mousepad.

After this, keep your mousepad to dry in someplace where indirect sunlight occurs or someplace that is warm and dry. Making your mousepad in sunlight may cause its plastic to melt, damaging its structural integrity and therefore impacting performance.

Your mousepad must be all dry out in one day and become prepared to be used!

After going right through most of the steps above, you will see that your particular mousepad will begin to feel a great deal smoother as well as. Aside from its feel, it’ll additionally look much cleaner.

To verify that you have got washed your mousepad correctly, you can make use of your fingernails in an attempt to scrape the outer lining to see whether any white lines can be found in the region you have got scratched.


Using the actions described in this essay, it is possible to clean your mousepad within the convenience of your property. Cleansing your mousepad will boost your mouse’s sensor performance and assistance you stage up faster at your favorite game!

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