How To Watch U-Verse On Computer

  1. Can You View U-Verse On Your Pc?
  2. How Can You View U-Verse On Your Pc?
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Can You view U-Verse On your pc?

You can certainly view U-Verse on your desktop and access its amazing features also while away from home. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that the computer satisfies the machine needs required for this solution to work.

For a pc operating on Windows, here you will find the system demands that must definitely be met:

But for a Mac Computer, the machine needs are:

Luckily, many PCs and laptop computers today meet these types of needs. Should your laptop computer or computer does not, you’ll need first to update it if your wanting to can begin enjoying U-Verse.

How Can you view U-Verse on your pc?

You can simply enjoy all of the amazing top features of an AT&T U-Verse membership from your own computer exactly the same way you’d do when utilizing your tv. But just before try this, very first concur that your account details are proper and that the membership is active. After confirming this, it’s simple to view U-Verse from your own computer.

Because the U-Verse application does not come pre-installed on your desktop, you need to install it. Additionally you wish to make sure your Windows 10 Computer, Safari or Chrome, or OS X Mojave Mac is up-to-date. Consequently, you need to follow these actions:

  1. Open the web browser tab.
  2. Visit DIRECTV entertainment.
  3. Using your AT&T ID and password, log into the account.
  4. Select Watch Online.
  5. Choose that which you need to watch utilising the search function or searching through the games.
  6. After choosing the content, you intend to view, press Play.

But if your wanting to can begin streaming the chosen content, a prompt will pop up instructing you to install the DIRECTV Player. You have to install this pc software if your wanting to can begin viewing any videos with this streaming platform because it is designed to avoid unlawful copying of content they’ve got to supply. When you’re finished with setting up the DIRECTV Player, refresh your online web browser web page and commence streaming.

If the Upgrade or Active Now popup seems, you can’t access the chosen channel as you don’t have a dynamic membership. Consequently, you’ll first have actually to update your plan before being awarded access to watch any content.

The four various packages offered to pick from are:


So very long as your personal computer fulfills the machine needs, it is possible to view DIRECTV on your desktop. Because of this, you’ll enjoy use of the many real time feeds and differing networks with this community. In addition, you’ll take pleasure in the VO services meaning you’ll never be bored stiff if you get computer with you because of the wide range of content offered to view.

If you’re uncertain whether it is feasible to look at U-Verse on your desktop, this exhaustive guide has eliminated any doubts you’d. Consequently, you could start viewing perhaps the major sites such as for example TNT, FOX, ABC, ESPN, and CBS from your own computer.         

Frequently expected concerns

Why Can’t I Watch DIRECTV on my computer?

If you’re experiencing a challenge viewing content on DIRECTV utilizing your computer, you will need to confirm you’re connected, have actually stable internet rates, and use a supported web browser. If you’re utilizing wired connections, check out the Ethernet cable to ensure it is precisely linked to the modem’s Ethernet slot along with your computer.  

Can I Watch ATT U-Verse Remotely?

Yes, you’ll. All you have to do is install the U-Verse application. Afterwards, routine programs to record in the U-Verse television DVR, and you’ll have the ability to remotely handle them utilising the U-verse application set up in your tablet or smartphone. 

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