How To Wear AirPods Comfortably

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  1. Why Do AirPods Often Hurt Your Ears?
  2. Comfortable Ways to put on Your Airpods 
    • Method # 1: Wear the AirPods Upside-Down or Sideways 
    • Method # 2: Use Different Ear recommendations
    • Method # 3: utilize AirPods Covers
    • Method # 4: Use Ear Hooks
    • Method # 5: Use Waterproof Tape
  3. Conclusion 

Why Do AirPods Often Hurt the Ears?

If you check your AirPods, you will observe they’ve a circular form, frequently buffered by foam or silicone. Every earbud type keeps this fundamental design; however, each features a small huge difference. Based on just how your ears are shaped, the circular model of the AirPods might be perfect for you. Having said that, it might make us feel uncomfortable by harming your ears. 

Several facets might be accountable for AirPods harming your ears. The initial element is how you place the earbuds. There was a greater propensity that AirPods will harm your ears in the event that you place them too deep as part of your ears. Whenever utilized, AirPods are to produce an amiable seal between your headphone’s area additionally the entry associated with the ear canal. You’re not likely to put earbud and earbud recommendations in the ear canal. Should you choose, you can expect to overexpose your eardrum towards the vibrations through the headphones, which could bring about headaches and earaches and include to ear infections.

The 2nd element is how the AirPods fit. You might feel uncomfortable using these earbuds if their recommendations are not appropriate size for the ears. In the event that AirPods are not sitting properly in your ears, you might get another size that may subscribe to your convenience.

The 3rd element is how long you might be using it. If you prefer your AirPods towards the degree of utilizing them for too much time before using them away, it could make us feel uncomfortable. As an example, making use of earbuds for more than 90 mins can result in pain. The reason being your ears’ cartilage isn’t supposed to hold anything nestled inside for approximately the period.

Comfortable Approaches to Wear Your Airpods 

Now you know why AirPods frequently hurt your ears, perhaps you are wondering in regards to the comfortable how to put them on. Listed here are perfect means you might wear your AirPods.

Keep in your mind

There is not any standard means of using AirPods. Every person has unique practices. Therefore, you’ll want to invest some time to test and discover your groove.

Method # 1: Wear the AirPods Upside-Down or Sideways 

Twisting your AirPods in your ears is among the perfect methods to have them from receding. You’ll turn the AirPods upside-down or laterally in the place of putting them in your ears with all the stems dealing with down. This might be an uncanny approach to donning your AirPods, but it’s a great method to wedge them more tightly in your ears and prevent their recommendations from snagging on your garments.


The microphones will never be pointing to your mouth by using this technique, which makes it tougher to possess FaceTime, Zoom, or phone conversations making use of your AirPods.

Method # 2: Use Different Ear Tips

If you’re making use of AirPods professional, three various silicone tip sizes can be obtained. You’ll try out each tip kind to learn top one for the ears. Oftentimes, these tip sizes may don’t act as anticipated. Therefore, you may possibly opt for third-party services and products for instance the COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro Earbud recommendations. These items are made of foam and never silicone – a perfect selection for you if you’re silicone-sensitive. Besides, they could result in the seal more fitting in your ears.

Method # 3: utilize AirPods Covers

This is another technique that may play a role in convenience once you wear AirPods. You’ll explore AirPods covers for both AirPods 1 and 2. Whenever utilized, AirPods covers will slip within the mind associated with the AirPods, ensuring a more secure and comfortable fit.

Method # 4: Use Ear Hooks

Are you an athlete? This will be a great choice for you as ear hooks will offer you the required grips that subscribe to the safety associated with the AirPods during your tasks. The third-party accessories are employed by looping them over your ears to prevent the AirPods from receding of one’s ears. 

Method # 5: Use Waterproof Tape

This is an easy technique that is preferred as a final resort. For this, cut fully out pieces of waterproof tape and affix them towards the AirPods to subscribe to the hold and keep them from sliding from your ears. 


You should now feel calm, once you understand there are many practices you are able to follow to create your self comfortable whenever you wear your AirPods. But not just for convenience but additionally to create your AirPods or AirPods Pro tightly fit your ears and prevent them from falling away.

After making sure your AirPods stay easily on your own ears, you may possibly now go to understand how you are able to link two pairs of earbuds to an iPad or iPhone for you really to share your sound with anybody around. 

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