Is Intel Core i7 Good for Gaming?

Intel i7

Yes, an Intel Core i7 CPU will be beneficial to video gaming. There are many items to mention, though.

Dining table of articles

  1. CPU Generation
  2. CPU Compatibility
  3. Choosing an Appropriate i7 CPU
  4. Gaming Computer Use
  5. Summary

CPU Generation

The Intel i7 Central Processing Unit ‘s been around for some time, therefore the generation may be based on the very first quantity into the title. As an example, an i7 3xxx would suggest third generation, whilst the latest may be the 12xxx. 

If you would like a CPU that can take up to today’s gaming demands, it is better to go with a newer CPU in the place of the older one. In the event that you opt for an adult i7, make certain its at the very least the fifth generation in the event that you intend to play contemporary games.

The fifth generation works with DDR4 RAM, the absolute most commonly suggested RAM kind for video gaming. The older generation i7 CPUs support the older DDR3 RAM structure. 

CPU Compatibility

Another essential consideration may be the the rest you now have for a PC and/or the components you intend on buying if starting a PC create from scratch. Older CPUs are going to have an alternate socket kind than more recent people, together with style of socket a CPU has determines the product range of motherboards you need to use. 

In other terms, purchasing an adult i7 then desperate for a motherboard aided by the needed socket type could cost a lot more cash than simply purchasing more recent elements entirely. 

Not just have you got the obvious problem of making sure all of the components are suitable for the other person, however you must also look at the balance, also. 

Choosing an Appropriate i7 CPU

whilst the latest i7 Central Processing Unit is truly a lot more than enough for video gaming (maybe even overkill in several instances), Computer performance may be hindered or aided by one other components you install.

So if you purchase the most recent i7 CPU but just have 4GB RAM (8GB at minimum is a great standard for today’s gaming), you’ll not spot the exact same amount of performance as some body with 8GB or even more set up.

This normally real in the event that you purchase an older GPU like a 1060 3GB, that is under-performing in lots of of today’s AAA titles, if in a position to run them at all. 

In other terms, no matter exactly how great a CPU you have got if you don’t also provide components on par with said CPU’s performance. The i7 is a great choice for video gaming, but so can be other Intel CPUs, such as the i5, i9, and much more entry-level i3. 

Choosing which one may be the right choice boils down from what you intend related to the Computer. 

Gaming PC Use

Suppose you anticipate video gaming and simultaneously streaming stated gameplay on a platform like Twitch. If so, you will definitely immediately be placing a lot more need on your pc than an individual who just isn’t streaming. 

Streaming is a resource-intensive task, and if you intend on streaming, a newer i7 Central Processing Unit is a great option. They’ve exceptional processing energy and will manage streaming and video gaming needs. 

If you intend on doing lots of movie modifying, the most recent offerings through the i7 lineup are a great option as a result of resource-intensive nature of the tasks. 

On the other side, in the event that you intend to utilize the CPU for fundamental video gaming, you could be best off selecting either an older Intel i7 or an i5. Many gamers don’t need the performance for the latest i7 and certainly will maybe not notice a decrease in performance if using an adult model or something like that through the i5 lineup. 

In reality, Intel Core i5 CPUs in many cases are several of the most recommended most useful CPUs for gaming PCs. 


Overall, the Intel i7 is a superb processor for video gaming and even more. Its certainly not the actual only real good CPU for video gaming, but. 

Picking a great processor for video gaming boils down to your current plans for the Computer, spending plan (including all components required, not only the CPU), and producing a balanced device that won’t be harmed by other elements (ex., setting up a high-end GPU but low-end Central Processing Unit would trigger performance deficits). 

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