Laser vs Optical Mouse

Laser Optical
Illumination Source Laser LED Light
Resolution 3,000 dpi 1,200 dpi
Imaging Peaks and valleys on a surface Top of this surface
Compatible areas Most areas (smooth and glossy); hard synthetic; slim fabric mouse pads Cloth mouse pads; non-glossy areas
Cost $15+ $10+

Laser and optical mice look comparable, but a few key distinctions have actually users reaching for starters throughout the other. This short article explores these distinctions and explains which mouse increases results by which circumstances.

  1. Similarities Between Laser and Optical Mice
  2. Illumination supply
  3. Resolution
  4. Imaging
  5. Compatible areas
  6. Acceleration Issues
  7. Which Mouse Is a much better Fit?

Similarities Between Laser and Optical Mice

To begin, both kinds of mice are mechanical. They place the cursor predicated on the way they detect light, and both mice utilize a CMOS sensor getting this information.

CMOS sensors are exactly the same technology found in cameras, plus they record the top that the mouse moves on. The mice make use of this information to track movement with regards to minute markers at first glance, regardless of area the mouse is on.

If the mouse notices that the features proceed to the left, it informs the computer to go the cursor to your right.

These sensors give the mice the same procedure, however the means they have info is where performance begins to branch down.

Illumination Supply

While the mice recognize the top they rest on, the information they procedure is light habits, maybe not pictures associated with the area texture.

In both mice, the light shines down and reflects from the area, as well as the CMOS sensor takes note of this representation. Because no area is completely also, the small variants in reflection permit the mouse to trace motion.

A laser mouse utilizes a laser beam as the lighting supply, while an optical mouse utilizes an infrared Light-emitting Diode. These lighting sources affect exactly how fast the mouse can process information as well as the kinds of areas it may monitor on.


Resolution isn’t an important concern for everyday usage, but gamers start thinking about quality when seeking to enhance their performance.

You frequently see this as DPI or dots per image. The suggestion is always to search for a lower life expectancy dpi in which to stay the goal selection of 800 to 1,600 dpi. This limits the pixels your mouse needs to process and decreases dilemmas such as for instance acceleration.

Laser mice have actually a typical dpi of 3,000, while optical mice average around 1,200 dpi. This may seem like an instantaneous mark against laser mice, but you can find simply more variables to consider for improved performance.


The laser lighting supply of a laser mouse is stronger than the LED of an optical mouse, also it penetrates much deeper to show more details.

While optical mice capture representation from the the surface of the area, laser mice monitor the peaks and valleys associated with the area. This enables to get more precise monitoring and much more suitable surfaces, but inaddition it facilitates dilemmas such as for instance acceleration.

Compatible Areas

The LED of an optical mouse isn’t quite strong, and it’ll never be in a position to penetrate many areas. Which means glossy areas can mirror way too much light, washing out of the light pattern the mouse attempts to track.

Mousepads are perfect for optical mice since they restrict representation and invite the mouse to trace accurately.

Laser mice can penetrate glossy surfaces, generally there is less threat of representation washing out the tracking procedure. You don’t need to make use of a mouse pad with a laser mouse, nonetheless they perform better with a tough synthetic mouse pad or slim fabric mouse pad.

Acceleration Problems

Acceleration is where laser mice flunk in performance. This dilemma takes place when the sensor cannot match the rate of which you move the mouse, frequently once you rush a movement.

Laser mice with a greater dpi monitor more images, making these with more info to procedure. Once you make a rapid motion, they have overrun wanting to process every thing and rather leap over the display screen.

This problem can occur with optical mice, however it is never as common.

Acceleration is an important problem for gaming because inconsistency interrupts the growth of muscle mass memory. Those who choose a laser mouse can restrict the problem making use of a separate area (as mentioned) to restrict the variances in area texture.

Which Mouse Is a much better Fit?

Either mouse works fine for some circumstances, nonetheless they have their committed uses.

In the best conditions, a laser mouse has an exceptional performance which makes it ideal for video gaming performance & most general uses. Because there is not a way to ensure you won’t encounter acceleration dilemmas, there are numerous approaches to restrict the event.

Optical mice are an even more budget-friendly option, and an optical mouse is more reliable on a mouse pad. Until you count on the moment details, an optical mouse is less fickle.

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