One AirPod Louder Than the Other? Here’s The Fix!


As the trend of cellphones losing headphone jacks stretches, the AirPods are becoming the most popular earbuds around. You may be utilizing AirPods currently that can have faced a challenge regarding an audio instability inside them.

Quick Answer

If certainly one of your AirPods sounds louder than one other, it is possible to repair it by resetting them, cleansing them, adjusting the sound amount stability, or restarting your phone.

AirPods likewise have a practical function. Their microphones are created to filter background noises that let your phone calls to be better. However, if certainly one of them starts to breakdown, you’re left stranded and could decide to try some things that will damage your device.

So, we took enough time to publish an extensive guide which explains why the AirPods behave in that way and what can be done to correct the matter quickly.  

  1. Why Is My One AirPod Louder compared to the Other?
  2. Fixing AirPods Sound Imbalance
    • Method no. 1: cleansing the AirPods
      • Step no. 1: removing Dust/Debris
      • Step # 2: cleansing Earwax
      • Step # 3: cleansing AirPods Case
    • Method number 2: Resetting AirPods
    • Method number 3: Adjusting Audio amount Balance
    • Method number 4: Restart your Phone
  3. Replacing the AirPods
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

Why Is My One AirPod Louder compared to Other?

AirPods are cordless Bluetooth earbuds. If you work with them for too much time, it is possible to face the most typical and irritating dilemma of AirPod users, which is, you can appear louder compared to other.

The problem may be brought on by:

  • A software glitch within the device or AirPods.
  • Variable modification within the sound stability.
  • Presence of dirt or earwax in the presenter grills.
  • A issue utilizing the connected unit.
  • Malfunctioning AirPods hardware.

Fixing AirPods Sound Imbalance

The most enjoyable function of AirPods is the quality of sound. However, if you’re not obtaining the desired quality because your one AirPod appears louder compared to other, our step by step directions can make the troubleshooting enjoyable.

Later within the guide, we’ll also talk about changing your earbuds when there is a hardware problem. Therefore with no further ado, here you will find the four ways to fix the sound instability issue on AirPods.

Method no. 1: cleansing the AirPods

Dirt and wax accumulation on AirPods presenter grills are one of the most typical good reasons for the noise instability problem. The good thing is you effortlessly clean all of them with available resources your own house within the following way.

Step no. 1: eliminating Dust/Debris

Wipe your AirPods clean with a soft, lint-free fabric slightly dampened with water. Now make use of another soft, lint-free fabric to dry them. Ensure you don’t spill liquid within the grill openings. Next, blow out of the presenter grills with a little bit of force.

Step # 2: Cleaning Earwax

Ear wax not only blocks your ear canal; it may accumulate regarding the presenter grills and cause your one AirPod to seem louder compared to other.

You can very carefully seek out earwax utilizing a pointed end for the dental-floss stick and eliminate the wax from each grill gap. In the event that dental-floss stick isn’t available, use a cotton swab alternatively.

Step number 3: cleansing AirPods Case

Now your AirPods are clean, it’s time to clean the scenario also for almost any leftover gunk.

Dampen a soft, dry, lint-free fabric with alcohol and wipe the exterior surface to completely clean the scenario. In the event that within the situation shows indications of dirt or earwax, wipe it away simply by using a soft brush dipped in alcohol.

Now your AirPods and their situation are as effective as brand new.


Do perhaps not make use of window cleansers, aerosol spray, or any cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide as it can certainly cause outside and internal ear irritations.

Method # 2: Resetting AirPods

Do the next easy directions to reset your AirPods for an improved sound experience. To get this done;

  1. Go to your Phone Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices > Info Icon, and faucet on Forget this revolutionary product.
  2. Now make certain AirPods come in the charging instance utilizing the lid closed for at the very least 30 moments.
  3. Open the lid and set both AirPods aside.
  4. Next, press & hold straight down the Setup Button before the light between AirPods starts blinking amber.
  5. Follow your cell phone screen directions to create your AirPods once again.

Method number 3: Adjusting sound amount Balance

Your AirPods will sound louder on a single part in the event that stability is modified more to your left or right. To get this done on an iPhone:

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone and head to Accessibility > Audio/visual.
  2. Drag the slider to your center to restore its sound stability.
  3. Now make sure both AirPods noise similar.

Method number 4: Restart your Phone

Your device could be the way to obtain the sound issue right here. Restarting your phone are a good idea in this case.

  1. On an iPhone, press and hold the ability button before the energy slider seems on your own display screen.
  2. Swipe the slider to your right to make down your iPhone.
  3. If you’re an Android individual, press the Power button regarding the side and choose Shut Down.
  4. Wait for 30 moments, restart your phone, and connect your AirPods.

Hopefully, this time you’ll experience equivalent quality of sound on both AirPods.


If the ability key isn’t doing work for some explanation, head to Settings> General> Shut down and go the slider to your right to turn it well. To restart, plug it into a charger.

Replacing the AirPods

If any associated with above practices aren’t working, see your neighborhood Apple-authorized company getting an upgraded for your AirPods.

You can make a scheduled appointment and bring the AirPods to the Apple service center. Make sure that you have actually the serial quantity in your hand that may be located on the charging you situation, initial purchase receipts, or AirPods package.

Alternatively, it is possible to mail your AirPods to your solution center. Nonetheless, it will require per week to get your replacement.


In this guide about “one AirPod noise louder compared to other,” we talked about a few ways to resolve the issue. We additionally talked about changing the AirPods if none associated with the techniques struggled to obtain you.

Hopefully, your problem is fixed now, and you may benefit from the exact same amount of sound quality from both AirPods. Keep playing everything you love probably the most!!

Frequently expected concerns

How could I fix quiet AirPods?

You can repair it by disabling the amount Limit function on iPhones or the twin sound function on Android os products.

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