PC Restarts While Gaming? Here’s What You Can Do

  1. how come My PC Restart While Gaming?
  2. Fixing PC Restarting Problem While Gaming
    • Method no. 1: Updating Graphics Card Driver
    • Method no. 2: upgrading the Game
    • Method # 3: Scanning for Malware
    • Method number 4: Checking Graphics Card Compatibility
    • Method # 5: Checking PC energy provide Unit
    • Method # 6: Troubleshooting Computer Overheating Issues
  3. Turning from the Windows automated Restart Feature
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

how come My PC Restart While Gaming?

While doing offers, numerous facets could cause the Computer to restart immediately. A few of these reasons can be:

Fixing Computer Restarting Problem While Gaming

PC rebooting it self in the exact middle of a game title are an annoying experience that significantly affects your gameplay, particularly if this occurs arbitrarily. Our step by step procedure will allow you to eradicate the reasons for such unusual Computer behavior.

We’ll also discuss disabling Windows automatic restart function. Therefore without further delay, here you will find the six techniques to fix Computer restart while video gaming problems.

Method no. 1: Updating Graphics Card Driver

The fastest method to fix automated restart is always to improve your illustrations card motorist:

  1. Click in the Start button in the desktop and head to Settings > Modify & Safety > Windows Update.
  2. Now click Check for Updates and choose your graphics card combined with the manufacturer’s title.
  3. Click on the Update choice close to your manufacturer’s photos card.

Method no. 2: upgrading the Game

If the PC restarts playing a certain game, try upgrading it to its latest variation. The most recent spot can fix the pests within the game, inducing the Computer to get haywire. In the event that issue continues, reinstall the overall game with a valid content.

Method number 3: Scanning for Malware

Viruses or spyware could possibly get to the computer software through online tasks, leading to a computerized Computer restart. Therefore, for those who have anti-virus software, use it to scan and eradicate the spyware. Additionally, decide to try upgrading the antivirus also for additional security.

Method number 4: Checking Graphics Card Compatibility

In today’s time, Computer games utilize strong visuals and animations and need amazing help through the system they truly are played on. A graphics card that can’t manage these content-rich games quickly malfunctions and leaves you stranded.

Therefore, it is better to purchase a high-quality illustrations card to obtain the greatest video gaming experience.

Method # 5: Checking PC energy provide Unit

A large amount of contemporary Computer games require significantly more than 500 watt PSU. Therefore, possibly your PSU does not deliver sufficient juice to your illustrations card. Your computer can restart as a safety function to pay for that not enough energy.

Before changing your PSU, make an effort to adjust your personal computer energy settings and find out if this will make a big change.

  1. Do a fast Right-click in the Start Menu and then click on Control Panel.
  2. Now get to Hardware and Sound > Power Alternatives and expand Processor energy management.
  3. Under Minimum processor state, set the On battery and Plugged In values to 5%.
  4. Finally, apply the modifications and exit the energy menu.

If your personal computer nevertheless restarts, we suggest testing your power product and changing it if needed.

Method # 6: Troubleshooting Computer Overheating Issues

Most video games have a tendency to consume lots of Central Processing Unit & GPU resources, which is why playing them for too much time can cause your personal computer to overheat. Overheating can cause an issue using the Computer equipment or pc software, leading to automated restarts to safeguard itself from further harm through the temperature.

The simplest way to monitor Central Processing Unit heat is to use pc software like HW monitor. It’s going to begin reading the thermal information from your own CPU each time you put it to use. In the event that readings constantly blow away from percentage, either purchase a CPU cooler or solution your PC.

To clean your PC, start the CPU instance lids and filters and make use of a can of compressed atmosphere to blow out of the dirt within the Computer, like the Central Processing Unit fan. Next, use a soft brush to wash the fan blades carefully. Finally, clean the card slots and shut the CPU case.


Your Computer should have a good cooling system. Some PCs have actually a heat-sink fan to help cool off the CPU. Nonetheless, they are able to nevertheless overheat because of long playing hours. Consequently, monitoring Central Processing Unit heat is your number 1 concern, particularly if you are playing for hours and wish to avoid injury to the processor.

Turning From the Windows automated Restart Feature

Apart from overheating along with other problems, the restart issue are due to active Windows Automatic Restart settings.

To disable the environment, kind View advanced level system settings within the Research field. Click the Settings button in Startup and healing choice, uncheck Automatically Restart, and press OK twice to utilize the modifications.


In this guide about PC restarts while video gaming, we’ve talked about why you might be that great problem and exactly how to stop regular system reboots. We additionally talked about repairing the issue by adjusting Windows energy and restart settings.

Hopefully, you’ve got utilized the info supplied in this guide to repair what causes your personal computer restarting while video gaming. Now, it is possible to play your chosen game without worrying all about your personal computer stopping you.

Frequently Expected concerns

When can I contact a repair business for my PC?

Your PC hardware can malfunction because of its age and may even maybe not offer the intense need from contemporary games. Nonetheless, it is possible to simply take your personal computer to a repair business rather than purchasing a brand new one. They could further investigate and change the damaged components or update them at a lower price cost than a brand new PC.

Do We need a CPU cooler?

If you perform your games for very long hours, you’ll need a stock or third-party Central Processing Unit cooler. Otherwise, your personal computer may perform a thermal restart as CPU temperatures can shoot to dangerous amounts, leading to Central Processing Unit damage.

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