Can I Use My HP Printer With Only Black Ink?

  1. Using an Empty Color Cartridge
  2. Single Cartridge Mode
  3. Print in Grayscale
  4. Conclusion

Using an Empty Color Cartridge

This will create a caution from your own printer that along with cartridge, or among the color cartridges, is empty. HP does suggest that you exchange along with cartridge as quickly as possible to avoid harm to the printhead, plus they are maybe not theoretically wrong.

Unfortunately, it had been designed in that way.

This also doesn’t work for every single printer. Some printers need ink in every cartridges for the printer to printing, also in just black and white. Of these printers, the function can’t be bypassed.

However, for the printers that may make use of a clear cartridge, simply find the “Print in Ebony and White” establishing through the dialog box.

Single Cartridge Mode

This choice is just open to printers with a two cartridge system in place of a four or five cartridge system. This will be commonly observed in HP ENVYs it is additionally in other comparable printers. To printing in single-cartridge mode, remove the tricolor cartridge, and the printer will default to only using black colored ink.

Print in Grayscale

This technique will continue to work no matter whether or perhaps not you’ve got an empty cartridge sitting here. Choose “Properties” and navigate to your “Color” tab if required. Often you merely have to scroll down, depending on your own os or if you’re publishing from a browser or perhaps not.

From the “Color” tab or area, check out the package that says “Print in Grayscale.” This will force your printer simply to make use of the black colored ink cartridge and never the colored one(s).

In Microsoft term, there isn’t any “Color” tab, nevertheless the function is available under “Paper/Quality.” There was a drop-down menu for “Print in Grayscale” that offers you the choice to “Use Ebony Ink just” or make use of “High-Quality Grayscale.” Select “Use Ebony Ink just” to just pull through the black colored cartridge.

The other choice nevertheless bleeds colored ink for shading. it is created for contrast in grayscale picture printing.

Some web browser publishing options don’t allow you to definitely replace the color settings through the web browser, and that means you will either have to force the web browser to utilize the machine dialog alternatives for the printer or save your self a duplicate to your personal computer before publishing.


Unfortunately, HP printers are making it very difficult to print with only black ink in modern times. There are many techniques for getting across the dilemmas, but also those are getting to be harder and harder.

You was previously in a position to alter printer choices from the Windows control interface and force the printer simply to make use of black colored ink unless otherwise stated, but that choice has since been eliminated in present OS updates.

Hopefully, deciding to “Use Ebony Ink just” in Grayscale Alternatives will work as a method of the printer just pulling ink through the black colored cartridge for quite some time in the future. Ideally, these guidelines will allow you to fight the increase in ink expenses.

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