What Do the Side Buttons on a Mouse Do?

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What type of Function Can You Assign towards the part switch on a Mouse

How To designate a Macro or Function to your part switch on a Mouse

Method # 1: utilising the Control Panel Method number 2: making use of Intellipoint Method # 3: utilizing SteerMouse on a Mac Computer 

ConclusionWhat types of Function Can You Assign towards the part switch on a MouseThe side key of the video gaming mouse has plenty of functions. You can make use of it whenever playing a casino game, or perhaps you may use it to do your day-to-day tasks on your computer. This list below informs you what type of functions the medial side key of the mouse can perform.Here’s everything you may use your video gaming mouse part buttons to accomplish (basic operations).Opening

new tab


  1. Closing
  2. of a browser tab.
    • Volume up
    • navigation.
    • Volume down
  3. navigation.


of tabs.

Opening an

  • app.Pause or play
  • music.
  • Print full display
  • .Perform a procedure that utilizes numerous secrets in the keyboard (
  • macro procedure).
  • Gaming.How To Assign a Macro or Function to your part switch on a Mouse
  • Sequences of occasions (such as for example clicks of the mouse, keystrokes, and delays) which can be recorded and played back later on to simply help perform some repeated tasks are called macros. Also, they are accustomed
  • replay sequences which are long or hard. You are able to designate a recorded macro to a mouse key. Therefore to utilize the medial side key on a mouse, you’ll want to register the macro to it making use of some of these techniques.Method no. 1: utilising the Control Panel 
  • The Control Panel will there be to help you in viewing and changing system settings. One of many control interface functions is assigning a macro to your part key. Although some third-party apps will allow you to designate the macro to your part key if you plan to make use of your control interface to record a macro on your own video gaming mouse. Here’s how exactly to designate a macro to your part key on a mouse utilizing the control interface.Click on
  • Start, then find the

Control Panel

.Click “Mouse”.Click in the



Click on the container beneath the project key.

  1. Click the function you wish to assign compared to that key on your own mouse. Repeat these above actions to designate functions every single key you would like.Click
  2. “Apply”.Select
  3. “OK” and shut the control interface.Method number 2: making use of Intellipoint 
  4. The motorist pc software that Microsoft branded for Microsoft equipment mice is recognized as the
  5. Microsoft IntelliPoint. With the aid of this IntelliPort motorist pc software introduced above, it is possible to designate a function to your buttons of a gaming mouse. You may also record a macro utilizing more complex IntelliType and IntelliPoint. Here’s how exactly to designate a macro to your part key on a mouse making use of Intellipoint.
  6. Make certain you’re making use of a connected mouse from your
  7. “Buttons” tab.Select
  8. “Macro”, together with Macro Editor

display will start.

Click on “New” and include a brand new macro.

Type the title for the macro in a brand new file title box.

  1. Select the “Editor” field then pick your macros.
  2. Click on “Save”.Method # 3: utilizing SteerMouse on a Mac Computer There are a few amazing apps you need to use to designate functions or macros to your part key on a mouse with a Mac; a definite application is named
  3. SteerMouse. And simply like just how IntelliPort gives macro, SteerMouse selects macro for mouse buttons. Other apps you need to use to designate macros to your part buttons on a mouse include ControllerMate
  4. and
  5. USBOverdriveHere’s how exactly to designate macro sideways key on a mouse using SteerMouse.
  6. Download and install the SteerMouse on your own Mac. Launch the application, which immediately detects your USB mouse. 

On the very first web page, you ought to see most of the buttons on your own mouse. Click a button and choose the action you would like; press

“OK”.Setan action for every key on your own mouse and conserve the settings.  Keep at heartThe amount of buttons on a mouse is dependent on the mouse you utilize. As mentioned above, it could be around 7-8 or, for the most part, 17 buttons.


  1. The part buttons are extremely advantageous, whether a typical mouse or a gaming mouse. You’ve got an additional advantage in game performance by using your mouse part buttons. Whenever you are maybe not doing offers, in addition eases your day-to-day tasks. 
  2. Mouses are a vital computer input device employed for navigating on any computer. The best button, remaining key, and scrolling wheel are standard on a mouse. But additionally to these buttons, some mice, especially video gaming mice, include part buttons. If you’re a new comer to this sort of mouse, you may wonder, just what perform some buttons in the part of a mouse do? 
  3. Quick responseGenerally, the medial side buttons on a mouse are acclimatized to assign a function or macro
  4. . This basically means, it is possible to designate tasks to your key in order to make running your pc or pc software easier. Thus, you need to use the medial side key on your own mouse to navigate your web browser, play games, or do general operations like cutting or pasting.    Mouses with part buttons usually have two buttons

, however some come with as much as

seven if not eight

. These buttons can be quite helpful whenever scrolling through a huge list or a long web site. Or perhaps you may use it while video gaming, based on everything you assign.

There are a lot of things these part buttons can perform, as well as in this short article, we are going to walk you through many of them and exactly how to stimulate them. 

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