What Does “LHR” Mean on GPU?


It’s no news that it’s trouble for PC gamers since GPU shortage due to crypto mining has made purchasing the most readily useful images card challenge. As well as whenever you find a GPU, it’s at an exorbitant cost. To greatly help fight the scarcity of GPU, NVidia presents the LHR technology. Therefore, what’s the LHR technology on GPU? 

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The LHR or Lite Hash Rate is a technology that prevents crypto miners from utilizing the images card for mining. If employed for mining, the LHR technology halves the hash price. Thus, LHR GPUs are less profitable for miners, therefore rendering it the readily available for gamers rather. 

The whole notion of the LHR technology is to find more GPU in to the arms of gamers. This short article provide you with a rundown about what LHR does if it impacts video gaming performance and anything else you must know. 

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What’s The LHR Technology? 

The whole notion of the LHR technology would be to make GPU easier and cheaper for gamers. LHR GPUs are made to make it harder to make use of the GPU for mining cryptocurrencies without reducing video gaming performance. The integration for the LHR technology may be the 2nd time NVidia has tried to incorporate this particular feature. 

The more recent LHR GPUs function a more protected integration between computer software and firmware. NVidia attempted to introduce this technology in March of 2021 within the GeForce RT 3060. Nonetheless, things didn’t get since prepared as an accidental beta driver circulated the software-based anti-mining defenses, which unlocked the total mining performance. Nonetheless, NVidia had been undaunted by this and continued with an additional effort 8 weeks later on.  

whilst the LHR technology limiter efficiently decreases the application of GPU for mining, nobody understands in the event that limiter will undoubtedly be long-lasting. Although the LHR technology limits the performance of GPU by 50%, you’ll be able to unlock up to 70% for the LHR GPU for mining purposes utilizing the right device. Several users make use of the NBMiner to unlock the limited element of LHR GPUs. 

Quick Facts

The LHR technology is roofed within the after GeForce images cards: RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3080 (Founders Edition), RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3070 (Founders Edition), RTX 3060 Ti (Founders Edition), and RTX 3060.


The LHR technology is a good function incorporated into NVidia GPU that guarantees there are sufficient GPUs for graphics users apart from miners. While Ethereum is considered the most popular crypto mined with GPUs, they aren’t the only real kind of coin that places much anxiety on GPU need. Dogecoin additionally sets plenty of stress on GPU need, and unfortunately the LHR photos card wouldn’t identify its mining.

Also, a few tools can be obtained to carry the restrictions of LHR on mining. But general, the LHR helped improve GPU access to customers apart from crypto mining. 

Frequently expected concerns 

Does LHR on GPU impact the performance of video gaming? 

The LHR technology would not impact video gaming performance. All things considered, the essence for the LHR GPU to begin with would be to enhance the option of GPU for gamers. Therefore, in the event that decrease in GPU performance may also impact gamers, then your technology wouldn’t be very helpful.

However, no official performance test compares a non-LHR GPU with an LH GPU. Nevertheless, no gamers have actually reported of putting up with performance dilemmas when utilizing an LHR GPU. 

Are LHR GPUs cheaper? 

Yes, LHR GPUs are cheaper than non-LHR GPUs. LHR GPU is less expensive because the interest in a non-LHR GPU is significantly more than an LHR GPU. Since a non-LHR GPU won’t have a restriction, users can find and make use of it for video gaming and mining the cryptocurrency of the option. Therefore, a non-LHR GPU is a multifunctional GPU. But be aware that though an LHR GPU is cheaper than a non-LHR GPU, their cost distinction isn’t that much. 

Does AMD have actually an equivalent to LHR? 

AMD Radeon and NVidia will be the two world’s most well known GPU manufacturers and rivals. While NVidia developed the LHR technology, AMD won’t have an equivalent.

However, this does not always mean that miners cannot utilize AMD images cards for mining. In reality, due to the LHR limitation on NVidia, users are moving through the usage of NVidia GPUs to your usage of AMD GPUS. In March, AMD advertised so it had no intention of blocking mining operations on its GPUs. 

How do i am aware i’ve an LHR GPU? 

When purchasing any NVidia GPUs, it is crucial to observe the essential difference between an LHR GPU and a non-LHR GPU. You’ll inform the essential difference between these two GPUS by shopping for a sticker in the item package. A GPU utilizing the LHR technology may have an identifier that claims it comes down utilizing the technology. 

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