What Happens if I Turn Off iMessage on my iPhone?

  1. How To Deactivate iMessage on iPhone 
    • Step # 1: Launch Settings 
    • Step number 2: Simply click on “Messages” 
    • Step number 3: Toggle iMessage Off 
  2. How To Deregister iMessage
    • Step # 1: go directly to the Apple Selfsolve Website 
    • Step # 2: Enter Your Phone Number
    • Step # 3: Enter the Confirmation Code
  3. Conclusion 

How To Deactivate iMessage on iPhone 

Apple products such as for example iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS support the iMessage functions. You need to be on iOS 8 or later on to make use of iMessage on your own iPhone. Supplied your iPhone supports iMessage, it is simple to change it faraway from the Settings software. Keep in mind that if you turn fully off iMessage allow it later on, you won’t get any message delivered to you whilst it is down. 

Follow the steps below to deactivate iMessage on your own iPhone.

Step # 1: Launch Settings 

Go to Settings on your own iPhone. Instead, you’ll ask Siri to start the Settings app if you should be having difficulty finding it. 

Step number 2: Simply click on “Messages” 

The Settings software is a good application on your own iPhone that lets you make many modifications. As well as in this instance, you can expect to utilize the Settings app to make from the iMessage function. Therefore, into the Settings menu, find and choose the “Messages” choice. 

Step # 3: Toggle iMessage Off 

In the “Messages” menu, discover the “iMessage” choice and toggle the turn off. You may start the “Send & Receive” choice and disable iMessage on those products. 

Keep in Mind

If you enabled iMessage on your Apple products, such as for example Mac, iPhone, and iPad, switching down iMessage using one will not disable it on other products. If you turn fully off iMessage using one unit, individuals can nevertheless deliver you iMessages, nonetheless it will simply show up on the product which has iMessage enabled and never on the main one you’ve disabled.

How To Deregister iMessage

If switching from iPhone to Android os, you need to deregister iMessage from your own iPhone. This is because that iMessage is exclusive to just Apple products. Ergo, for those who have iMessage nevertheless active on your own telephone number even although you aren’t making use of an iPhone any longer, other iPhone users may make an effort to deliver you an email, but Apple will be sending the message to your iMessage. You’ll not get communications from your own buddies making use of an iPhone before you deregister iMessage from your own telephone number. 

Follow the steps below to deregister your quantity from iMessage. 

Step # 1: go directly to the Apple Selfsolve Website 

Apple has caused it to be possible for users who wish to stop utilizing the iMessage to deregister their quantity as a result when they decide to. Nevertheless, the initial step would be to make certain you have actually turned off iMessage and FaceTime from your own unit utilizing the Settings app. Then you’re able to go to Safari or some other web browser on your own iPhone to get into the Apple Selfsolve website

Step number 2: Enter Your telephone number

On the internet web page, scroll straight down towards the beds base to get the part where you are able to enter your telephone number. Key In the telephone quantity you wish to deregister from iMessage and faucet on “Send Code”. Don’t stress; receiving the rule on your own telephone number is free. 

Step number 3: Enter the verification Code

Apple will be sending a six-digit code to your telephone number. Copy and paste the quantity within the next industry entitled “2”. In the event that you would not get a confirmation rule, you might request it is delivered once more. Nevertheless, in the event that issue continues, move your SIM back to your iPhone and decide to try once more, and make certain you joined the most suitable telephone number. 

Keep in your mind

once you deregister your phone quantity from iMessage, friends have to clear the discussion after which create a brand new discussion in order to deliver you regular SMS or texts.


You can easily turn fully off iMessage on your own iPhone through the Settings app if necessary. Once you do, every person on your own list which has iMessage enabled will not have the ability to deliver you iMessage. When they deliver you an email, they are going to get a red exclamation mark which means that Apple would not deliver the message. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make down iMessages just for one contact. When this occurs, blocking the contact is preferable to switching from the iMessage, which limits your buddies from giving you iMessages. 

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