What Is a Hexa Core Processor?


When purchasing a laptop computer or Computer, we focus on the specifications. One crucial spec we think about may be the core processor, which generally could possibly be a dual or quad-core processor. But, the technology in the wonderful world of processors offered us one thing else more advanced – a Hexa Core processor. But, what exactly is a Hexa Core processor?

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A Hexa-core processor has six cores about the same silicon chip. This basically means, six various execution devices (cores) are placed together on a single chip. This unique chip has a great deal more capability compared to the typical double and quad-core processors. 

We’ll address this in more detail below and point out the huge benefits and downsides of using a Hexa Core processor. Therefore, let’s begin. 

  1. What Exactly Is a Hexa Core Processor?
  2. 4 Advantages of using a Hexa Core Processor
    • Benefit number 1: More Efficient Streaming
    • Benefit # 2: Enhanced Multitasking Ability
    • Benefit # 3: exceptional artistic Proficiency
    • Benefit # 4: a larger video gaming Experience
  3. Drawbacks of using a Hexa Core Processor
    • Drawback # 1: tall cost Tag
    • Drawback number 2: High Energy Consumption
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently expected concerns

What Is a Hexa Core Processor?

A Hexa Core processor is an advanced CPU with six various cores. These six distinct cores can be used to perform and deliver all information. Hexa Core Central Processing Unit works tasks faster along with better effectiveness than dual-core (2-core) and quad-core (4-core) processors. Intel first circulated the i7 Hexa Core processor this year.

4-core processors are standard for many editing and games computer software. But, a quad-core Central Processing Unit will nevertheless perhaps not attain the performance of a Hexa-core. A 6-core processor is more more comfortable with operating high-demanding games. This basically means, you are able to play games, view, and edit videos at greater framework prices without overtasking the body. A quad-core Central Processing Unit may have eight threads at optimum. Having said that, a Hexa-Core Central Processing Unit might have around 12 threads, this means it is definitely better. The greater amount of threads imply the effectiveness of the processor is almost doubled, and also you may do demanding tasks without experiencing any problems.


A Hexa Core processor is not the greatest (greatest core) available. You will find 8-core processors too. Certainly, we may also see a 100-core processor as time goes by, as Wired.com informs in this article

4 advantages of using a Hexa Core Processor

Benefit number 1: More Efficient Streaming

Hexa Core processors have become efficient in streaming games along with other content online. Some type of computer with this specific style of Central Processing Unit provides a much faster online streaming compared to one with a quad-core processor. 

Whether you’ll want to stream videos or transcode content, a Hexa Core processor will allow you to decrease enough time you’ll need for almost any task. Which also means you certainly can do more – increased efficiency. 

Benefit number 2: Enhanced Multitasking Ability

A processor with an increased range cores is better in accomplishing different multitasking operations. Therefore, a Hexa Core procedure are designed for six applications at the same time without a challenge. 

A Hexa Core processor is much more beneficial in this age of Web development. Using this function, you are able to host your database and applications and do more in one host without experiencing any performance dilemmas

Benefit # 3: Excellent Visual Proficiency

An increased wide range of cores provides a higher threading center, therefore you can link numerous devices on a Hypervisor. Whenever a Hexa Core processor combines with a significant Central Processing Unit, the artistic impact you receive with this combination is wonderful!

Benefit # 4: a larger video gaming Experience

You will enjoy online and offline high-graphic video gaming with greater effectiveness by utilizing a Hexa Core processor. Using this style of processor in your laptop computer, you are able to play high-demanding games like Fifa online with additional improved artistic results and zero lagging dilemmas

Drawbacks of using a Hexa Core Processor

Drawback # 1: tall cost Tag

Hexa Core processors are extraordinary, and none of us can reject the urge of utilizing some type of computer with one. Regrettably, the price tag is extremely high set alongside the older variations. The upkeep price of a Hexa Core processor can also be high, that is bad news for most people!

Drawback number 2: tall Energy Consumption

Since a Hexa Core processor is more complex and effective, it uses plenty of power. Certainly, it requires much more energy compared to the quad-core processor. This means your personal computer would need to charge your computer’s battery pack more frequently.


What is a Hexa Core processor? We’ve learned that a Hexa Core processor is an enhanced CPU with six cores. This sort of processor is better and effective compared to the older processors. A Hexa Core processor is convenient operating graphic-intensive games as well as other high-demanding tasks. 

We’ve additionally covered other benefits of applying a Hexa Core processor, including improved multitasking capability and exemplary artistic proficiency. But, this processor does not come cheap. It’s more expensive and uses more energy than the quad-core processor. Consequently, Hexa Core processors are merely perfect for those trying to find high quality performance. 

Frequently expected concerns

Which is much better: Quad-Core or Hexa Core?

In basic, six-core or Hexa Core processors are better. They could provide better performance than quad-core processors. Certainly, Hexa Core processors are chosen in workplaces while they offer a lower price-performance ratio. You may also make use of six-core processors for CPU-intensive procedures such as for instance games. 

Is using a Hexa Core Central Processing Unit worth the excess cost if I’m an informal gamer?

A quad-core CPU are ok if you’re an informal gamer. Using a Hexa Core processor is just well worth the fee for a hardcore gamer hunting for greater performance.

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