What Is a Voicemail Number on Android?

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There are moments our company is unavailable to just accept calls, and these phone calls could possibly be significant for company purposes as well as for any other casual purposes. In such a situation, it is advisable to allow the callers leave a voicemail message through our voicemail quantity.

Quick Answer

A voicemail number in an Android phone or other smartphone may be the number your carrier or company assigned for you for getting voicemails. Voicemails are voice messages a caller saves in your voicemail package if you are unavailable to grab a call.

This article can give the actions to locating your voicemail quantity. It will likewise demonstrate how exactly to arranged a voicemail on an Android phone. Finally, become familiar with steps to make a voicemail call.

  1. Voicemail figures on Android
    • just what could be the utilization of a Voicemail quantity?
    • Finding Your Voicemail quantity
  2. How to setup Voicemail on Android
  3. How To improve your Voicemail Settings on Android
  4. How To Make a Voicemail turn to Android
  5. How To utilize Another mobile to check on Your Voicemail
  6. Conclusion
  7. Frequently expected concerns

Voicemail figures on Android

For all smart phones, for instance, an Android os phone, a voicemail quantity may be the quantity a phone user makes use of to get voicemail communications. This quantity is supplied by your mobile provider or company.

What Could be the utilization of a Voicemail quantity?

The utilization of a voicemail quantity would be to allow your callers to get in touch with you even if you aren’t in a position to select up their phone calls. You’ll tune in to saved telephone messages on your own voicemail package along with your voicemail quantity.

You can ahead your contact number to your voicemail whenever you cannot answer phone calls. As soon as directed, whoever calls your phone can spot a phone message in your voicemail box.

Finding Your Voicemail quantity

The voicemail quantity is supplied by your voicemail service or mobile companies. The main method of finding a voicemail quantity is practically the exact same of all Android os phones.

here’s how to check on your voicemail quantity directed at you by the mobile company.

  1. Go to your Android Phone app.
  2. Go to your menu icon.
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. Click “Voicemail”.
  5. Tap “Advanced Settings”.
  6. Click “Setup”. Your voicemail quantity will show up when you yourself have install it formerly.

How To setup Voicemail on Android

The fundamental method to arranged voicemail communications in Android os phones is the identical. But, you might find just a small distinction between various Android os phone models.

You should follow these actions to setup your voicemail package on your own Android os phone.

  1. Go to your Android Phone app.
  2. Click “Menu”.
  3. Click “Settings” > “Voicemail”.
  4. Tap “Advanced Settings” > “Setup”.

Important Suggestion

Read the voicemail terms and conditions of solutions before registering for it.

Moreover, you ought to inform your mobile company when your phone software doesn’t have voicemail features. Additionally, ensure that the telephone quantity attempting to phone you is not blocked.

How To alter Your Voicemail Settings on Android

You can alter voicemail notification settings or improve your mobile provider.

Here is how exactly to improve your mobile provider and choose a different one.

  1. Click your Phone app.
  2. Tap the “Menu” icon.
  3. Tap “Settings” > “Voicemail”.
  4. Click “Advanced Settings” > “Service”.

here’s how to change voicemail notifications.

  1. Go to your Phone app.
  2. Tap “Menu” > “Settings” > “Voicemail” > “Advanced Settings” > “Notifications”.

You can transform the notification sound. You are able to toggle on/off the vibration choice.

How To Produce a Voicemail Turn To Android

  1. Open your Phone app.
  2. Click the number pad icon.

    Long-press the quantity “1”.
  3. An symbol showing up like a tape recording will appear. It’s going to direct one to your voicemail box.

Quick Trivia

You can invariably tune in to your voicemail from another phone.

How To make use of Another mobile to test Your Voicemail

You make use of the voicemail solution if you are not able to get phone calls right now. Some mobile solutions additionally permit you to always check your voicemail remotely utilizing any unit in place of a certain phone.

If the caller is the neighborhood area, the caller could make the decision utilizing the primary phone number. But, if outside of the regional calling area, you may range from the country code to help make the call.

You needs to do these actions if you wish to utilize another phone to get into your voicemail communications.

  1. Call your voicemail quantity.
  2. Allow the prerecorded “Please keep a note” to relax and play.
  3. Click the pound (#) key on your own phone dial.
  4. Input your voicemail pin, that you simply should just understand. Your voicemail pin offers only you access to regulate messages on your own voicemail inbox.

More Choices

Some phone dial apps will allow you to transcribe your voicemail communications while playing. They’ll show them in text structure. An illustration is My Visual Voicemail and Vox.


Instead of coming back a missed call with a voicemail, we are able to tune in to real-time recorded calls and react to the caller whenever convenient. This function makes voicemail appropriate company as well as other casual purposes where a missed call may lead to a missed possibility.

Follow the actions in this essay to master how exactly to arranged your voicemail and enhance your efficiency. 

Frequently expected concerns

Is my voicemail quantity exactly like my contact number?

No, a voicemail quantity is not the same as your contact number. A voicemail quantity shops recorded communications on another host. A telephone number is for getting phone calls and it has a different call log server different from a voicemail.

Does voicemail reveal telephone numbers?

Yes, you will see the amount of the caller on voicemail. To look at it, press “5” on your own dial keypad while hearing the voicemail call.

Can I personally use another phone to check on my voicemail?

Yes, you are able to access your voicemail communications with any smartphone. It’s a bonus for a voicemail individual which has lost their phone.

There is no added cost of playing your voicemail communications from products which are not your very own. The cost has all been incorporated into your voicemail membership.

Why can’t we arranged or get voicemail communications?

The major reason you can’t arranged voicemail is the fact that the function is unavailable on your own phone.

Most Android os phones with operating systems 5.0 and below aren’t effective at voicemail communications. Rather, they could get gibberish voicemail message transcriptions.

If your phone is effective at voicemail, and you also can’t get voicemail communications, it may possibly be that you have actuallyn’t arranged your voicemail. You need to proceed with the actions provided formerly to setup your voicemail.

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