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If you’re scanning this internet site, there’s the possibility you’re at the very least notably enthusiastic about computer systems and know there’s an extensive array of motherboard choices. Along with the motherboard being on the list of built-in aspects of a pc, it does not come as a shock if you want to find out more about them. 

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These various sizes and forms with which you yourself can obtain the motherboard is generally known as the proper execution element, which relates to the motherboard’s form and design incorporated into numerous normal computer systems. If you’re new to this type element, search no further, as below is a total article on what’s EATX motherboard. 

In addition, you’ll study concerning the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing the EATX motherboard, which can be appropriate information you must know. Let’s get going. 

  1. What’s EATX Motherboard?  
  2. Unique Traits regarding the EATX Motherboard 
    • Size 
    • Functionality 
      • USB and Ethernet Port
      • Storage or Repository 
      • PCI-E Slots 
      • RAM
    • Expense 
  3. Advantages and drawbacks regarding the EATX Motherboard
    • Pros
    • Cons 
  4. Summary 

What’s EATX Motherboard?  

EATX or Extended ATX is a motherboard form factor that is wider and longer than just what many people generally think about because “ATX.” The huge difference in total, which can be approximately half an inch, could make a big difference in a few builds. The primary great things about EATX motherboards consist of increased airflow, higher-end Central Processing Unit coolers, and space for lots more interior components.

The EATX motherboard is basically an upgrade to your standard ATX motherboard. This specific motherboard for computer instances is 12 x 13 ins, thus can easily accommodate the largest of components. The extra area in the EATX motherboard can be used for various uses, and they are: 

  • Eight extra RAM slots.
  • A second CPU.
  • Room for approximately eight PCIe slots

Besides accommodating more internal components, EATX motherboards have actually other advantages, including increased airflow and higher-end CPU coolers

Unique Traits regarding the EATX Motherboard 

Since at this point you have actually a general understanding of an EATX motherboard, we’ll take a deeper check its other unique aspects.


The size for the EATX motherboard of 12 x 13 ins could be the very first thing that differentiates this motherboard through the ATX, which can be two ins smaller. This additional space can there be to produce space for extra space for storing and specifications. Due to this, the EATX motherboard can be used for operating host functions. 

Having a more impressive size of this EATX, unlike the ATX, is beneficial as it produces extra space for the GPU, thus which makes it safer to utilize. In addition, the bigger area area encourages improved temperature dissipation, thus preventing extortionate heat. 


Because the EATX motherboard is one of the biggest choices, it may effortlessly be properly used for a broad range of functions as it supports various ports. The planning of the EATX calls for 4 to 8 PCIe x 16 ports and six to 8 RAM energy. 

You additionally obtain the choice to include two and several other visual cards to your EATX motherboard, albeit all of this will surely cost a large cost. Nevertheless, this involves ability, and you also need certainly to perform Crossfire or SLI. A number of the unique options that come with this motherboard you’ll want to know are: 

USB and Ethernet Port

It’s a crucial component of this EATX motherboard that assists get additional and much more external ports. The Ethernet and USB ports permit you to connect numerous other devices to computer software, such as for instance an external storage space device which can be linked to computer systems.  

Storage or Repository 

Another essential periphery as you are able to expand to your PCI Express lots is storage or repository. This particular feature includes many functions such as for instance furnishing with many SATA ports that don’t exceed 6. In addition, SATA will pertain to numerous portions for extra storage space. 

With this Intel Optane device, you’ll take a situation to enhance and market the functions and achievements of the computer by marketing fast information.  

PCI-E Slots 

This element and function are specially important for gamers as well as other users. As a result of its format, PCI-E slots offer plenty of benefits that can come in double and additional ports. Additionally, various PCI Express slots are supported by numerous EATX form factors.

However, solutions when you’ll be expected to have PCI-EX16, which boosts speeds to 4GB/s individual orientation. Carrying this out divides illustrations procedure volume across various GPUs. 


The EATX motherboard gives you an infinite amount of RAM, that may help numerous RAM slots and mount up ATX spec. There’s also the choice to getting 256GB of RAM, and its own various DIMM slots total between six and eight. 

Nonetheless, don’t make any radical modification without very first confirming your personal computer recalling parts perform with predictable conditions.  


If there’s one area that the EATX differentiates it self through the sleep motherboard type facets is in terms of cost as it doesn’t come cheap. But this will be anticipated considering this motherboard is sold with advanced features. Because of this, its performance is exceptional and comes installed with many memory slots

Knowing exactly what this motherboard has to provide, it does not shock so it costs twice just as much as one other choices. Nevertheless, there are also some cheap EATX motherboards in the marketplace, however their performance often is not good. Of course you’ve got the spending plan getting one, this wouldn’t be hard, considering they’re easy to get at available on the market.     

Advantages and drawbacks regarding the EATX Motherboard

If you’re in the fence about perhaps the EATX motherboard is a good option for you, reading about its benefits and drawbacks can help you relieve your brain into making the decision. Here you will find the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing the EATX motherboard; 


  • It comes with a lot of room, creating area for installing memory
  • It has extra expansion ports, which translates to more GPUs, improving video gaming performance.
  • The bigger size of the board provides exemplary overclocking and cooling for the elements. 


  • This motherboard isn’t ideal for editors or hobbyists gamers as it’s very expensive
  •  Its features and further size for some users can somewhat be overkill. 


If you don’t have much understanding of personal computers, scanning this guide on EATX motherboards has supplied you with in-depth information about them. Sufficient reason for countless motherboards in the marketplace, learning more about EATX motherboards helps it be simpler to learn whether it is an ideal fit for your requirements, be it video gaming or normal day-to-day tasks.

And to assist you visited a prudent choice, this guide has outlined every thing to understand about EATX motherboards. Once you understand this may assist you to see whether this motherboard is really what you’ve been looking for. 

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