What Is “Other” in PS4 Storage?

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As a gaming lover, you can expect to ultimately must know concerning the “Other” choice in your PS4 storage. In several instances, studying the memory of PlayStation and exactly how it really works could be good for you.

Quick Answer

The “Other Storage” in PS4 typically relates to most of the files that don’t come under just about any particular category, as an example, games, apps, videos, screenshots, music files, conserved information, etc.

We have actually taken the full time to create helpful information to help you explore further just what other means in your PlayStation storage space, how exactly to check always it, some solutions to raise the storage space on PS4, and exactly how to eradicate Other space.

  1. What Is Other Storage in PS4?
  2. How Do I always check My Other Storage in PS4?
  3. Getting More Storage in PS4
    • Method # 1: Deleting Unwanted Games and Apps
    • Method # 2: Deleting Saved information From Storage
    • Method # 3: Deleting Screenshots and Recorded Videos
  4. How To Delete Other space in PS4?
  5. Summary
  6. Frequently expected concerns

What Is Other Storage in PS4?

All the files in your PS4 console that do not fall under just about any category, in other words., they neither belong completely to videos nor come beneath the games or applications area, are designated to your “other” course. This category can include anything from conserved game information to music files, screenshots, as well as other random material.

The “Other Storage” is reserved in your PS4 to make sure you can conveniently access your random saved material. Therefore, if you are searching for something which does not come under a certain category, don’t forget to look at the “Other” section in your PS4.

How Do we always check My Other Storage in PS4?

It is pretty direct to check on your “Other Storage” on PS4. Here You Will Find The actions you will need to follow with this:

  1. First, navigate to “Settings” > “System”.
  2. Next, select the “Storage” option and available it.
  3. You might find a screen showing how much space is being used and just what percentage from it is available.

Getting More Storage in PS4

Storage is a huge concern of video gaming enthusiasts, and you also don’t must be tech-savvy to expand your PS4 storage. Our step-to-step guide can save you lots of time and energy which help you increase storage space in your PlayStation.

Now you know just what the “Other” tab means and how exactly to take a look, it is time for you to expose three techniques for getting more storage space on PS4.

Method # 1: Deleting Unwanted Games and Apps

This is amongst the easiest types of freeing up area on your own PS4. In the event that you keep carefully the games and applications that aren’t frequently employed, it is simpler to delete them and expand the storage space. Here’s tips on how to do it:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” > “System Storage Management”.
  2. Choose “Applications” and select the games you intend to delete.
  3. Now, click the “Delete” button and confirm to remove them.


It’s suggested to delete the games on a disc as opposed to the electronic games, as electronic ones simply take lots of time to reinstall.

Method # 2: Deleting Saved information From Storage

Another approach to increasing the area on PS4 is through deleting conserved information from storage space. Follow these easy steps for that:

  1. Go to the “Settings” window in your PlayStation 4.
  2. Next, available the “Application Saved information Management” option.
  3. From the pop-up screen showing up, choose “Saved Data in System Storage”.
  4. Select the games you intend to eliminate.
  5. Now, simply click “Delete” and confirm.

Method # 3: Deleting Screenshots and Recorded Videos

If the thing is that a substantial element of your space for storage will be utilized in the capture gallery part, it is finally time and energy to delete the unneeded videos and screenshots. Because of this, you will need to stick to the after easy steps:

  1. First, navigate to “Settings” > “System Storage Management” in your PS4.
  2. Tap in the “Capture Gallery” choice to start it.
  3. If you intend to delete the videos and screenshots of a specific game, choose the game icon, push the “Options” button, and delete it.

How To Delete Other space in PS4?

Deleting the “Other Storage” on PlayStation 4 provides users with a great amount of free area and storage space. Because of this, users will enjoy numerous brand new games, include screenshots, and conserve all of the miscellaneous material they need. To get this done:

  1. First, get to “Settings” on your PS4 Residence Screen.
  2. Select System “Storage Management”.
  3. Next, select the files you intend to remove and press the delete switch.


In this guide on which is other in PS4 storage space, we now have investigated this is of other, tips on how to check out the other tab in your PS4, some solutions to expand the storage space, and exactly how you are able to delete the Other space in the system.

Hopefully, now you’re alert to the value associated with the other tab in your PlayStation system. Keep enjoying more brand new games and expand the storage space all that’s necessary.

Frequently Expected Concerns

Why does PS4 say “Not Adequate Storage”?

The message “Not sufficient storage space” seems in the display screen whenever standard storage space (500 GB) of your PS4 is near to get rid of, and you also attempt to install a game title onto it. This, in easy terms, implies that in the event that you attempt to install a game title that is bigger than 500GB, you won’t find a way to down load it. But, you will get an external hard disk to improve your PlayStation’s storage space ability.

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