What Is Personal Area Network (PAN)?

  1. Personal Area Network: Brief Overview
  2. Types of PAN Network
    • Wired PAN
    • Wireless PAN
  3. What Is a PAN useful for?
    • Offline system
    • Small Residence or Office
    • Body region Network
  4. Advantages and drawbacks of PAN
    • Advantages of PAN
      • Easy To Use
      • Protection of Data
      • Less Cost and Space
      • Stability, Reliability, and Flexibility
    • Disadvantages of PAN
      • Limited Area
      • Slow information Transmission
  5. Summary
  6. Frequently expected concerns

Personal Area Network: Brief Overview

A PAN is a data system arranged for individual usage just. This system is normally employed for linking tablets, smart phones, printers, along with other electronic products in the environment of just one person—for instance, the bond between a mobile phone and Bluetooth earpiece. 

This system links products with cables or without wires. It’s an affordable system for assisting solitary users for tiny area interaction. This system is most beneficial for small workplaces, houses, along with other tiny system areas since it offers the most readily useful performance regarding effectiveness or freedom.

Types of PAN Network

There are two major kinds of PAN systems we will talk about.

Wired PAN

A Personal region system is known as a wired PAN if it is associated with cables. These may be cables like Universal Serial coach (USB) or Firewires. For instance, a keyboard or a mouse is attached to a PC through a USB cable.

Wireless PAN

A Personal region system is known as a wireless PAN if it is according to cordless technology like Bluetooth, Infrared, Ultra-wideband, or ZeeBag. They are employed for linking products. In today’s age, individuals primarily utilize cordless PAN for connecting products in tiny ranges.

Wireless keyboards, smart phones, cordless USBs, cordless mice, and television remotes are samples of cordless PANs.

just what Is a PAN useful for?

People are employing PAN for a lot of purposes. Right here we’ll talk about some real-time examples to know the uses and applications of your own area community.

Offline System

A system constructed without linking towards the internet between tiny products such as for instance PCs, printers, speakers, television remotes, mice, etc., is incorporated. This system normally called a home system. This system is done for offline interaction.

Small House or office

A setup associated with the separate smaller systems designed for any office work function, split from other kitchen appliances. This system is a combination of numerous kinds of equipment being linked for day to day routine tasks.

Body Region Network

A system linked to a person going everywhere, where in actuality the individual is going. Its ensures that if somebody establishes their cellular phone reference to Bluetooth, it’s going to go with see your face. Due to the fact system travels with a body, therefore is known as a Body region system.

Advantages and drawbacks of PAN

There are advantages and disadvantages of Personal Area Networks we are likely to talk about right here.

Advantages of PAN

Here you will find the top benefits of PANs.

Easy To Use

PAN just isn’t having any complexities in linking products and designs in advanced level area. Therefore, you can make use of it effortlessly with no issue. it is simple to use and handle. If any issue does occur here, you are able to manage it effortlessly with no trouble.

Protection of Data

Compared to many other systems, PAN is more safe for transmission. Perhaps the interconnected points usually do not move information with no authorization of authorized users.

Less Price and Space

It does maybe not need considerable contacts between products, so that it doesn’t cost much. Additionally, it utilizes Bluetooth connections or other technologies for information transfers utilizing provided area, so that it doesn’t just take much real area.

Stability, Reliability, and Flexibility

It provides a flexible and extremely efficient environment for brief systems. When compared with other systems, PAN is more stable and dependable since it doesn’t be determined by other products like servers and it has a tiny range.

Disadvantages of PAN

Here you will find the top drawbacks of PANs.

Limited Area

PAN can only just move information in a short range of 10 meters and may link to a limited quantity of products, so that it can be viewed a disadvantage of the system.

Slow Information Transmission

Transmission speed is slow in PAN compared to other systems because connections like Bluetooth cannot move much information.


In this guide, we discovered that private region system (PAN) can be used just for individual systems into the array of 10 meters and may be wired and cordless. It’s primarily very theraputic for human anatomy, house, tiny workplaces, or offline systems. Individual area systems are dependable and efficient and may be utilized effortlessly with no issue.

Frequently Expected concerns

How do we produce an individual region system?

A minimum of two computing products, such as for instance a PC and a smartphone, have to produce a PAN. To move information involving the different products, you’ll also need a communication path, that can be wired or cordless.

What may be the rate of PAN?

PAN supports Bluetooth from Kbps to 24Mbps and 250kbps in Zigbee. The LAN are designed for rates of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps. A WPAN is a secure system since many devices interacting over brief distances can avoid unauthorized connections.

Which technology is oftentimes utilized for connecting products to a PAN?

Wireless devices near a certain individual are linked via a personal-area system (PAN). The connectivity is generally supplied through Bluetooth system technology.

Why could be the PAN community slow?

PANs are generally slower than systems like WAN, LAN, and MAN since Bluetooth technology cannot carry significant volumes of information across a few products at high rates.

Can you term a PAN as a LAN?

No, you simply cannot term PAN as LAN.

How is PAN distinctive from LAN?

From a conceptual viewpoint, a wireless LAN varies from a PAN for the reason that the LAN typically serves many users as the PAN has a tendency to only one person’s use.

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