What Is the “Azurewave Device” on My Wi-Fi Network?

  1. What Is an Azurewave Device?
  2. Finding Azurewave Devices linked to a Wi-Fi Network
    • Step # 1: locating the Router’s IP Address
    • Step number 2: Finding Devices Connected to Your Network
    • Step # 3: determining the Azurewave unit
  3. How To improve your Wi-Fi Name and Password
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently expected concerns

What Is an Azurewave Device?

An AzureWave device is a wireless system controller that connects various IoT and desktop computer products to your Wi-Fi system. Several products embedded with Azurewave Wi-Fi modules are PS4, Chromebook, Smart Sprinkler System, Chromecast, and smart plug

Moreover, if you learn an Azurewave unit connected to your Wi-Fi system, it really is most likely your unit. Nonetheless, hackers may also offer Azurewave names for their products to take valuable information and cause serious safety problems to your Wi-Fi system integrity. 

Finding Azurewave Devices linked to a Wi-Fi Network

If you don’t understand how to get the connected Azurewave products in your Wi-Fi network, our after step by step technique can help you have the entire procedure without much trouble.

Step number 1: locating the Router’s internet protocol address

In the initial step, you have to find your router’s IP address. For this, start your computer and simultaneously press Windows + X in your keyboard. Type “Network Connection” within the Windows search club, press the Enter key, and choose the option within the pop-up screen. 

Alternative means

You may also start “Network Connections” by pressing the Windows key in your PC’s keyboard. Next, navigate to Settings and then click the “Network and Internet” option in the menu.

Select your Wi-Fi system within the right pane and then click about it to start its Properties. Scroll down, as well as your IP target will undoubtedly be displayed next to “IPv4 address”. Copy your ip after that.

Step number 2: Finding products attached to Your system

After finding your router’s internet protocol address, the next phase is to see which products are attached to your system. For this, available a browser on your computer, paste the copied ip in to the target club, and hit the Enter key regarding the keyboard. Then, use your login credentials to register to your router’s admin panel.  

Quick Suggestion

The default username and password are pasted during the back of your router. In situation you don’t find these records, you’ll call your internet supplier to assist you in this respect.

Once logged into your admin panel, choose “Attached Devices” to see your connected products.

Step # 3: determining the Azurewave unit

In the very last action, it’s simple to recognize the Azurewave products on your own Wi-Fi system. For this, click “Attached Devices” on your personal computer, and all your linked products look right here. Now, turn off the Wi-Fi connection of 1 of one’s products and refresh the “Attached Devices” list in your admin panel.

Repeat this above step until your entire products are disconnected. After finishing this technique, if no unit seems within the list, the Azurewave unit had been your own personal. Otherwise, this means that that another person can also be utilizing your Wi-Fi network. 

Need More Options?

You may also make use of third-party computer software like “Glasswire” to understand products attached to your Wi-Fi system.

How To alter Your Wi-Fi Name and Password

If you discover harmful products attached to your Wi-Fi with all the title Azurewave, it is possible to improve your Wi-Fi name and password for the security by after these actions.

  1. Turn on your computer and simultaneously press Windows + R in your keyboard.
  2. Type “CMD” in the pop-up and click “OK”.
  3. Type ipconfig within the brand new screen and press the Enter key in your keyboard.
  4. See your “IPv4 Address” and note it straight down.
  5. Open a browser on your personal computer and paste the ip in to the address bar at the very top.
  6. Enter your credentials to log in, mind towards the “Wireless” tab, and alter your Wi-Fi password.

Protect Your Privacy

Use a complicated Wi-Fi password to cut back the opportunities of hacking.


In this guide about what is Azurewave unit in your WiFI network, we’ve discussed the functions and top features of the cordless controller. We’ve additionally discussed options for choosing the products attached to your network.

Moreover, we’ve also shared a technique for identifying Azurewave devices in your system.

Hopefully, your enquiry is answered within the article, and today it is possible to quickly determine the unknown products attached to your Wi-Fi system.

Frequently Expected Questions

Which products utilize Azurewave technology?

Many home and office-based devices utilize Azurewave technology like cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Computer, mobiles, etc. 

Which items are produced by Azurewave technology?

Azurewave technology provides MCU, IoT, Wireless, and digital camera modules. Additionally they provide Home Automation techniques, solder, M.2 sockets, electronic image management, R & D modules, etc.

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