What Model Is My HP Laptop?

HP laptop

Finding HP Laptop Model

Method number 1: making use of HP help Assistant

Method # 2: Finding Model From BIOS

Method number 3: Checking Physical Locations

Step number 1: Find item Label on Laptop

Step number 2: Check Laptop packing

  1. Method # 4: HP System Suggestions
    • just what Is Information showcased in the item Label?
    • Summary
    • Frequently expected concerns
      • Finding HP Laptop Model
      • Are you thinking about, in fascination, exactly what model is my HP laptop? Listed below are four ways to allow you to fetch these records without an excessive amount of trouble. 
    • Method # 1: making use of HP help Assistant
  2. The HP Support Assistant provides complete details about your pc system, that can be used to obtain the precise model after these simple steps.
  3. Download and install the
  4. HP help Assistant

on your own laptop computer unit.


HP help Assistant

on your own computer.

  1. Select “My Device” through the primary
  2. information panel of HP help Assistant.View your laptop computer information and model quantity underneath the
  3. laptop icon and then to your product nameMethod no. 2: Finding Model From BIOS
  4. A computer system’s BIOS includes all the details concerning the HP laptop computer model, which may be revealed by after these actions.Turn in the laptop computer and quickly press the “F1” key over repeatedly.The

system information

can look in the display screen, exposing the info concerning the laptop.

  1. The model title of your HP laptop is likely to be beside the “Product Name” area.
  2. Method number 3: Checking Physical LocationsIf you’ve got damaged your laptop computer plus it’s maybe not switching in, follow these actions to test the system’s physical areas and packaging to obtain the model title.Step number 1: Find item Label on Laptop
  3. The very first thing you can certainly do is get the product label attached underneath the framework of the laptop computer. The merchandise label is found on your own laptop’s

rear side

, which features the laptop’s name and quantity. 

Turn over your laptop computer to show its

rear panel, where you need to search for the merchandise label. Prior to the ProdID, you’ll find a name mentioned next to HP

, which will be the model name of the laptop.Step no. 2: Check Laptop packingIf you’ve kept the first packaging by which your laptop computer delivered, read and review the labels connected to the field. One of many labels would feature the laptop’s model name next to the HPlogo


InfoIf your HP laptop computer has a removable battery, detach the battery pack to show the product label and see the model name after that.

Method number 4: HP System Suggestions

The HP System Suggestions device provides you with complete details about your HP system. These details is available in handy to test your laptop’s model by following these simple steps.Download and install the HP System Suggestions from Microsoft shop

if it isn’t pre-installed.

Press the

  1. “FN” and “Esc” buttons in the keyboard as well.The
  2. HP System Suggestions screen will start in the display screen.The type of your laptop computer is likely to be mentioned beside the product name on the display screen.
  3. InfoThe keyboard presses will not work to gain access to the HP System Suggestions
  4. device if you’re linked to a docking place when using an

external keyboard.

What Is Information showcased in the item Label?The item label in the HP laptop computers features the model quantity, serial quantity, and item quantity regarding the computer system. The model quantity

represents the features and specs regarding the unit. There might be multiple HP laptops with the exact same model quantity.

The product quantity describes the distinctive model title regarding the HP laptop computer, which look identical in identical show. Nevertheless, the

serial quantity is exclusive for every computer.Summary

In this guide on which model my HP laptop is, we talked about four ways to finish this task without much work. You will find the model quantity in various physical and method places, which we unveiled inside our step by step instructions.Hopefully, now you can effortlessly find your HP laptop computer model and quickly find out the appropriate parts and pc software for fix or improvements. Frequently expected concernsIs the laptop’s model quantity just like the model title?The

model quantity

of a laptop or computer system is comprised of a mix of




. The model quantity reveals the specs of a particular laptop computer show, as well as the laptop computer show with the exact same model figures may also have identical model names.

You may be enthusiastic about once you understand the type of your HP laptop for a number of reasons, including equipment repairs/upgrades or studying pc software installments and compatibilities. Quick responseIt is achievable to learn the HP laptop computer model quantity by getting the HP System Suggestions from Microsoft shop and pushing the “FN” and “Esc” tips simultaneously. A brand new screen will be, exposing item information including the item title for the HP model.The model info is additionally crucial whenever checking the laptop computer guarantee or getting troubleshooting help through the HP help center.This article will talk about your HP laptop model quantity and exactly how you will find it quickly with the use of various techniques. Each technique would follow a step-by-step procedure to test complete system information.

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