What Model Is My Lenovo Laptop?

  1. What Model can be your Lenovo computer: Best Methods to get the needed Information
    • Method number 1: Locate the Printed Product Label
    • Method number 2: utilizing the BIOS Access
    • Method number 3: utilizing the Lenovo provider App (Lenovo Vantage)
  2. Wrapping Up

What Model can be your Lenovo computer: Best Methods to get the needed Information

Model figures for just about any laptop computer are often an alpha-numeric combination. Similar is true of the people manufactured by Lenovo aswell. In the event you don’t know, Model figures are device-specific and are usually unique for a specific laptop computer. Given that’s reasonable due to the fact these alpha-numeric representations act as an identity.

There are many choices for choosing the particular model information for the Lenovo laptop computer. Though some need little to less work, other people need some work to grab the info you’re after. Let’s walk through every one of them and know the way they unfold. With respect to the situation you’re presently in, find the most appropriate technique and carry on with that.

Method no. 1: Locate the Printed Product Label

Locating the printed item label in your laptop computer the most fundamental approaches to grab the model information. Regardless of the model you’re worried about, every laptop computer is sold with labels highlighting item details. Generally in most situations, the tags are observed in the back panel, but often the information and knowledge sits concealed behind a battery.

Quick Suggestion

Try and peek inside in the event that you can’t discover the label in the straight back panel or next to the battery pack case. Very carefully take away the back-side panel and always check completely.

Method no. 2: utilizing the BIOS Access

Does getting rid of the rear panel sound too unsettling? If yes, there was an exceptional workaround to test the hands on. The function you’ll use for this function may be the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). The BIOS will allow you to seamlessly access the system information and discover information regarding your computer/laptop. This is how.

  1. Terminate all active processes.
  2. Perform a quick system reboot.
  3. As quickly while you begin to see the Lenovo logo design (or the people ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, or ThinkStation), press the F1 key in your keyboard.
  4. If you are able to press the F1 key in the necessity timeframe, you need to start to see the BIOS screen. If you don’t, duplicate the method very carefully unless you land during the necessary destination.
  5. While in the BIOS menu, look all around with pure attention. You need to see factual statements about your laptop computer someplace in the display. Record of data includes model quantity, title, item quantity, and much more.

Keep in Mind

For some models, pushing the F1 key may well not work. Rather, you’ll need certainly to press the Enter key during powering on constantly. Be sure you carry on pushing the main element unless you spot the Startup Interrupt Menu.

Method number 3: utilizing the Lenovo provider App (Lenovo Vantage)

You’re considering an excellent energy from formal manufacturers with Lenovo Vantage. It really is a device-specific application that was created to help in keeping Lenovo products installed and operating. The general functionality of Lenovo Vantage concentrates more on allowing the concerned laptop computers or Computer to complete way more than typical. In line with the formal paperwork, Vantage provides an excellent method to optimize the overall performance alongside allowing the device’s security protection.

Typically, the Vantage utility comes pre-installed with Lenovo laptop computers. This is how there is it.

  1. Boot up your laptop.
  2. Click the Start menu.
  3. Head towards the search club, input “Lenovo Vantage”, and choose it to introduce.

Here is utilizing the Lenovo Vantage to seize item information.

  1. Find the device utilizing the technique mentioned above.
  2. Click it and hold back until it launches.
  3. Now just take an instant go through the top-left corner, and you’ll have actually the item info.


If you don’t discover the Lenovo Vantage device in the search menu, you can obtain it installed from the official sources.

Wrapping Up

That’s just how effortless its to get just what model your Lenovo laptop computer is. Searching the complete panel actually or let the BIOS functionality to automate the method and supply you using the system information. If none seems appealing, you also have the possibility of utilizing Lenovo’s official optimization device Lenovo Vantage. Alongside serving other requisites, it could even assist uncover this product details.

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