Where Can I Sell My AirPods Pro?

If you want to choose the new Apple AirPods, offering down your old it is possible to save some funds. Unfortuitously, in case you’re beckoning to trade your old group of AirPods pro with Apple, you can’t. Apple does not accept trade-ins of any model of AirPods. Consequently, where is certainly one in a position to sell their AirPods?


Quick responseTo offer your AirPods professional, you ought to use a

third-party platform like Craigslist, e-bay, offer, Glyde, Target, etc. some of these platforms would provide cash

for the earbuds, even though some would provide a gift card used buying alternative activities in to the store or other platforms that accept the current card. 

There are extremely many and varied reasons Apple does not accept trade-ins of old AirPods. One notable description would be the fact that reselling AirPods

requires sanitary cleansing

as earbuds enter the human body and that may get dirty with ear gunk. Also, the economics of repairing and reselling old AirPods may cost them as need may be too low or the strategy is just too impractical.

Keep reading to learn more about an added platforms you’ll be able to sell an AirPods expert. 

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