Where Does Streamlabs OBS Save Recordings?

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The Open Broadcaster Computer Software 

Where Does Streamlabs OBS Save Recordings?

How to Keep Your Streamlabs Desktop Tracking?

Method no. 1: Buffer for Replay

Method number 2: HighlighterHow To Modify Your Streamlabs OBS Recordings?

Summary Frequently expected concerns

The Open Broadcaster computer software 

  1. The StreamlabsOpen Broadcaster computer software (OBS) the most popular real time streaming and video clip recording applications.
  2. It can help to record live broadcasts on your computer while streaming real time product to YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.
  3. If you don’t desire to broadcast the content live, it may keep the tracks and permit you to definitely change them before broadcasting. Another handy function in OBS Studio may be the capability to save your self tracks. But imagine if you can’t discover the previously-stored tracks? Don’t stress. This really is a typical challenge, and we’ll talk about solutions within the next area. We’ll explain where OBS saves tracks on Windows and Mac.
    • in which Does Streamlabs OBS Save Recordings?
    • In basic,
  4. Streamlabs OBS helps you to save your tracks into the directory set up on your own computer
  5. . If You’re not able to find the OBS recording, consider after these actions:
  6. Launch the

Streamlabs OBS Studio.

Navigate towards the “COG Settings.”

On the remaining, select


Scroll down to get the recording path.Launch the

  1. “File Explorer.”Copy the
  2. path website link and paste it to the
  3. file explorer.
  4. It will connect you to definitely the folder containing the recordings.How to save your self Your Streamlabs Desktop tracking?
  5. You may record your video gaming in a variety of methods with Streamlabs Desktop, whether you wish to capture choose videos or record your whole real time flow session. Method # 1: Buffer for Replay
  6. Buffer Replay is a feature in Streamlabs Desktop that automatically captures and records your live stream’s final two moments. You may possibly determine the mandatory timeframe, and you will also add an instantaneous replay supply in your broadcast which means your audiences can observe a replay in real-time.Method no. 2: Highlighter

You may also utilize Replay Buffer along with Highlighter to create movies to YouTube without leaving Streamlabs Desktop straight away.

Highlighter is a totally free video clip modifying software for broadcasters to modify and produce highlight videos from real time flow replays quickly.

You’ll publish your features directly to YouTube with a couple of presses, so they’re offered to tell buddies and fans immediately after your flow finishes. 

How To alter Your Streamlabs OBS Recordings?

OBS tracks take up plenty of hard disk drive room, particularly if your flow is a long time. Therefore, the most basic solution to alter where OBS saves tracks would be to set the positioning your self. The actions are as follows:


OBS Studio

, click on the “COG Settings”

into the base right part. The Settings dialog field seems.

Locate “Recordings” beneath the

Output tab

  1. within the left column.Click “Browse” and specify an area for OBS to help keep tracks.Change it to your
  2. preferred folder.To confirm, press OK
  3. .Summary If you know you’ll always need to record your streams and desire to avoid forgetting to click
  4. “Start Recording” once you begin broadcasting, you may possibly adjust your settings to record each time you click
  5. “Start Streaming.”Go to “Settings,” then “General

,” then check out the bins close to

Automatically record whenever streamingand

“Keep recording when stream stops.”Check the box labeled “Automatically record whenever streaming” to ensure each time you click “Start Streaming,” you also begin recording (without the need to click both buttons).Frequently Expected Concerns Is It Potential To Record With Streamlabs Without Streaming?Yes, you may possibly record without actually broadcasting on Streamlabs. By striking the “REC” button into the reduced right corner of Streamlabs, you may begin a recording conserved locally on your computer. While recording, you may even utilize OBS’s features, such as toggling between scenes or digital cameras.

Much preparation and preparation go into creating such a thing worthwhile. This really is real for a pleasurable real time broadcast. But even though you do every thing well, your audiences are amused, you meet your flow objectives, and you also winnings brand new supporters, the time and effort is simply the start.Successful content creators observe that real time streaming is one part of their career. There’s more to complete. To attract brand new audiences, you have to publish features from your own flow. This really is whenever Stream labs OBS comes into play. Streamlabs OBS Desktop features free video gaming screen recording capabilities, letting you capture your display in complete HD resolution.

Uploading your broadcast features to internet sites like YouTube and TikTok is a great solution to build your following, as any effective streamer will inform you. Unlike your real time broadcast, which can be just readily available for a restricted duration, your YouTube videos and TikTok features is available perpetually, willing to delight individuals. Therefore, where do Streamlabs save recordings?

Quick Solution

Streamlabs OBS helps you to save your tracks into the directory of one’s file supervisor. By standard, Streamlabs is located into the videos or films storage space course. For instance, C:usersABCvideos, or C:usersXYZmovies.This article analyzes where OBS saves your tracks in order to protect and submit your flow features if you want. 

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