Where Is Spam Folder on iPhone?

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When a contact has an interest line or pleased with spam trigger terms or a marketing e-mail is delivered from a provided ip with a negative reputation, the e-mail provider may immediately spot these email messages in your iPhone’s spam folder. 

Quick response

The spam folder regarding the iPhone is situated in the e-mail software. To get into the folder on Gmail, faucet the three straight lines and select “Spam” listed close to an exclamation point (!) icon. To Work On This on Outlook, faucet the burger icon and choose “Junk Email“. If you utilize iCloud Mail, faucet in the “Junk Folder” in the sidebar below “Trash“.

The spam folder keeps your spam mail away from sight so that it does not muddle your busy inbox. Nonetheless, you might access the spam folder in your iPhone to delete these unwelcome email messages or take back some e-mail space for storage.

We took enough time to publish an easy-to-follow guide which will explain where is spam folder on iPhone and exactly how to get into it quickly.

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  1. how come My Spam Mail maybe not Showing on iPhone?
  2. Accessing Spam Folder on iPhone
    • Method # 1: Accessing Gmail Spam Folder on iPhone
      • Step # 1: Accessing Spam communications on Gmail
      • Step # 2: Find Spam Folder
      • Step no. 3: Delete Spam email messages
    • Method # 2: watching Spam Folder on Outlook
    • Method no. 3: Accessing Junk Folder on iCloud Mail
  3. Summary
  4. Frequently expected concerns

how come My Spam Mail maybe not Showing on iPhone?

There are a few known reasons for your spam mail perhaps not showing in your iPhone, and below are a few of those.

  • Your email settings are set to not show spam mail in your iPhone.
  • The e-mail provider has automatically filtered out spam communications.
  • The e-mail provider is having an issue delivering spam messages to your iPhone.
  • You may have deleted your spam folder by accident.

Accessing Spam Folder on iPhone

If you wonder how exactly to access the spam folder in your iPhone, our step by step practices will allow you to do that task without much work.

Method # 1: Accessing Gmail Spam Folder on iPhone

Sometimes important messages can go right to the Gmail spam folder by accident. To get into them, follow these steps.

Step # 1: Accessing Spam communications on Gmail

Open your iPhone and faucet regarding the Gmail app. To start the primary menu, faucet the three-line icon within the top-left part. Scroll down and select “Spam” next to an exclamation point (!) icon regarding the remaining sidebar to get into your spam communications. 

If you didn’t get the spam folder, head to move #2.

Step # 2: Find Spam Folder

If you can’t get the spam folder, faucet the menu icon and head to Settings. Touch your e-mail account under “Accounts” and make certain that the “Junk Folder” is checked. Return to verify that the spam folder is currently within the menu. 

Step no. 3: Delete Spam email messages

Tap “Empty Spam Now” towards the top of the web page to delete all spam email messages. To delete just one spam e-mail, faucet and hold a message you wish to delete; three dots will show up within the top-right part associated with the display screen. Finally, faucet “Delete Forever“.


Gmail automatically deletes spam email messages after 30 days, and there’s no environment to alter this time around limitation. 

Method # 2: Watching Spam Folder on Outlook

In Outlook, the spam folder is known as “Junk Mail“. To get into the spam folder, follow these actions.

  1. Open your iPhone and faucet regarding the Outlook app.
  2. Tap the burger icon during the top-left part.
  3. Scroll down seriously to discover the “Junk Email” folder.
  4. View spam or delete e-mail by hitting the bin icon at the very top right.


Spam communications can expose you to definitely identity theft, and scammers can take your personal information and money. Additionally escalates the threat of inadvertently getting malware in your phone/computer. 

Method no. 3: Accessing Junk Folder on iCloud Mail

iCloud utilizes contemporary technology systems like trend analysis and powerful listings to immediately identify and filter spam email messages before they achieve your inbox. To get into the “Junk Folder” on iCloud Mail from your own iPhone, proceed with the actions below.

  1. Open iCloud Mail in your iPhone.
  2. Tap regarding the “Junk Folder” found on the sidebar below “Trash“.
  3. Open the junk communications to see them, delete them or move the0m to your inbox if they’re genuine email messages. 


In this guide on how to locate your Spam folder in your iPhone, we’ve investigated the reason why for spam e-mail perhaps not showing in your iPhone and exactly how it is simple to access the spam folder on Gmail, Outlook, and iCloud Mail.

Hopefully, you are going to now have the ability to find your spam folder and access spam email messages to delete them or go them to your inbox. 

Frequently expected concerns

How could I block email messages on my iPhone?

To block e-mail in your iPhone, go right to the Phone app and touch in the sender’s e-mail. Next, touch the sender’s name and choose the title detailed beside the “From” option within the header. Choose “Block This Contact” and verify it. As soon as obstructed, you won’t see a contact from that contact in your Apple mail software. 

How do we recover deleted Gmail communications?

When you delete a Gmail message, it remains within the trash folder for 30 days. It is possible to recover the deleted message within those four weeks; otherwise, it’s forever deleted from your own account and can’t be recovered.

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