Where Is the Antenna on My Android Phone?

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Android phone

Types of Antennas in an Android os Phone

Primary Cellular Antenna

GPS Antenna

WiFi and Bluetooth Antenna

Finding Antenna on Android os Phone

  1. Method number 1: Finding Cellular Antenna on Android os Phone
    • Step number 1: warming the trunk Cover
    • Step number 2: getting rid of the trunk Cover
    • Step # 3: Disassembling Motherboard 
  2. Step no. 4: distinguishing Antennas on Android
    • Method # 2: locating the Bluetooth and WiFi Antennas
      • How To enhance Signal Strength on Android os mobile?
      • Summary
      • Frequently expected concerns
      • Types of Antennas in an Android os Phone
    • There are numerous antennas set up in your Android os phone, every one of which can be designed for a particular sort of connectivity purpose mentioned below.
  3. Primary Cellular Antenna
  4. A
  5. primary mobile Antenna

makes it possible to make and get calls or receive and send texting through

transmitting and getting

signals. If you fail to get

2G, 3G, or 4G, signals in your Android os phone, it is most likely because your phone’s main cellular antenna isn’t working.GPS AntennaGPS antenna had been standard within the old cellphones it is nevertheless showcased in a few contemporary smart phones. The GPS antenna only gets

signals in Android os phones. 

WiFi and Bluetooth AntennaThe WiFi and Bluetooth antenna is pretty typical in new-age Android os phones and it is not reliant in the primary cellular antenna sign reception

. Therefore, in case the main antenna isn’t working, you’ll remain in a position to

use Bluetooth and WiFi on your own Android os unit.Finding Antenna on Android os PhoneIf you’re wondering where in actuality the antenna is in your Android os phone, our two step by step techniques will assist you to accomplish that task with no hassle.Method # 1: Finding Cellular Antenna on Android os PhoneYou will get the principal mobile antenna in your Android os phone by after these simple steps.Step # 1: warming the trunk Cover

Take out of the

sim card


turn down

your Android os phone. Make use of the temperature weapon to heat up the

back address and hover it in the corners to fully eliminate the adhesive. Perform the warmth weapon procedure for a minumum of one moment.Step # 2: Removing the Back CoverAttach a suction glass towards the straight back of the phone. Fall a plastic tool (such as for example a guitar pick

) involving the straight back address along with your

phone’s frameCarefully slide the plastic device round the straight back address to detach it through the phone. In the event that straight back seems

stiff, keep reheating making it loose. Pull the suction glass gradually, plus the straight back address will come off.Step # 3: Disassembling Motherboard Unscrew all the screws the thing is in the

exposed right back

for the Android os phone. Very carefully pull the white frame by pushing the motherboard inside to show the electronic components of the device.Step no. 4: distinguishing Antennas on AndroidIn the reduced left and right part for the battery pack, two screws are located keeping the primary cellular antenna of the Android os phone.Warning

Do maybe not make use of

metal tools to start your Android os phone’s back cover as it can certainly break


Method number 2: locating the Bluetooth and WiFi AntennasYou should locate Bluetooth and WiFi antennas in your Android os phone by after these actions.Remove the back address

of the Android os phone (Explained in Method # 1).


  1. all of the screws through the back panel.Gently
  2. pull out the plastic frame from the
  3. motherboard.You’ll find a Bluetooth/WiFi antenna chip in the reduced right part for the motherboard.
  4. Some Android os phones have actually a WiFi antenna on top of the part for the motherboard.Info

Bluetooth and WiFi antennas are attached to one chip in an Android phone. Therefore, if either regarding the features prevents working, you’ll need certainly to change the

whole antenna chip.

How To enhance Signal Strength on Android mobile?If you’re facing call connectivity dilemmas or bad signal energy

, follow these pointers to boost the alert frequency in your smartphone.

Remove the aftermarket case/cover from your own Android os phone that would be blocking the antenna.Check for almost any dirt or dust within the sim card tray

  • of the Android os phone.Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Mode
  • and change to “2G only.”Summary
  • In this guide on where in actuality the antenna is on an Android phone, we provided two methods to allow you to find cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi antennas. We additionally talked about several types of antennas set up on an Android phone therefore the signals they get and send. We wish our recommendations had been insightful sufficient to assist you get the antenna in your Android os phone.Frequently Expected concernsHow does a 4G antenna work?


LTE or 4G

antennas make use of the numerous input numerous production


) technology.

Each sign on an Android os phone is delicately moved through an antenna, making its design and positioning a bit complicated. If you fail to make mobile telephone calls and make use of Bluetooth or WiFi, you’ll suspect the respective antenna may be the issue. But just how could you understand the location of those Antennas in your unit?Quick AnswerThe main mobile antenna on Android os is situated behind the rear address in the reduced left or right part for the battery pack. The Bluetooth and WiFi antenna is located behind the synthetic framework of this motherboard. In this informative article, we shall determine where may be the antenna in your Android os phone by after some simple step by step techniques. We are going to additionally talk about various kinds of antennas present an Android smartphone.

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