Where Is the Calculator on iPhone?

  1. in which could be the Calculator on iPhone: Step-by-Step Guide
    • Step number 1: check out the Residence Screen
    • Step number 2: fall Downward
    • Step # 3: start the App Library
    • Step number 4: seek out the Calculator
  2. Pro strategies for making use of Calculator App on iPhone
    • Scientific Mode
    • Clear Display
    • Swipe To Delete Last Digit
  3. Conclusion
  4. Frequently expected concerns

in which could be the Calculator on iPhone: step by step Guide

You may wonder the way I have the calculator back again to the house display. It is possible to recover the calculator symbol in the event that you determine just what caused it to vanish. Each unit has a new cause for failing.

Here we get! Once you understand the reason why behind the disappearance for the iPhone calculator icon should assist you to mend the problem, and I also will highlight some easy repairs that can be used to have the application right back. 

Follow the steps in a certain purchase while undertaking the directions. Each step of the process is mentioned in more detail, so follow them in an effort.

Step number 1: check out the Home Screen

You can take to looking into the house display as soon as if you’re wondering how exactly to reinstate the calculator symbol in your iPhone. In addition, you might like to look over your device’s Control Center.

The App Store is available in your unit just in case you require it. When you’ve done that, it is possible to reinstall the application once again conveniently.

Step # 2: fall Downward

Slide downward from your own iPhone’s house display. You will see a search field detailing applications you’ve got recently opened.

Step no. 3: start the App Library

Open the App Library and touch its symbol (iOS 14 and later only).

Step number 4: seek out the Calculator

Now, searching for the Calculator. This is where you will discover the calculator.

All done!

Congrats! It’s now simpler for you to get the calculator in your iPhone. You should use these four solutions to get the calculator on an iPhone.

Pro Methods for making use of Calculator App on iPhone

Opening the calculator app will expose a primary user interface. It might be irritating to delete figures you joined wrongly. 

Scientific Mode

Basic arithmetic calculations are carried out by standard by the calculator into the proper purchase. For instance, typing 6 + 2 3 and pushing = will provide you with the best solution of 12. Multiplication is first calculated, then the addition is conducted, such as for instance 6+2 3 = 12 in the place of (6+2)*3 = 24. However, this cleverness doesn’t enable someone to perform medical computations such as 10X or square root. You may now access a scientific calculator with an abundance of standard features in identical app.

Clear Display

Among the worst options that come with mobile calculators is deleting the figures when you input the wrong information between calculations. There are two main how to delete lots through the iPhone Calculator app, the same as in a physical calculator.

Swipe To Delete past Digit

Even though C and AC are helpful, you can’t utilize them to remove certain digits from figures. For example, you wish to form 12345678 but enter 12345679 alternatively. The C key could make it tiresome to kind right from the start once again. 

The iPhone has an easy swipe solution because of this annoying issue that lots of mobile calculator apps have. It’s simply a matter of swiping kept or close to the quantity to eliminate the very last digit.


By after this guide, you need to be capable of finding an answer to your missing iPhone Calculator icon problem. Your iPhone works in the event that you stick to the above actions to find the Calculator application. Selecting one of these is as much as your convenience. 

Frequently expected concerns

How did my iPhone lose its calculator?

You can perform this in your iPhone by sliding up from the base of your display. Touch the lower-right part of one’s iPhone if it does not have a home button. Sooner or later, the calculator will go back to its initial location.

Does Apple have actually a calculator?

The calculator is a simple application incorporated with Apple’s macOS, iOS, and watchOS systems. Along with fundamental, medical, and programmer modes, there are various other modes.

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