Where Is the Power Button on HP Laptop?

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It are therefore aggravating to obtain a fresh HP laptop computer and never manage to turn it in. You are able to start your laptop computer simply by starting the lid if it is in rest mode. Nonetheless, the main solution to transform it on if it is driven down is pushing the ability key. But where is this key?

Quick Answer

The precise location of the energy key on HP laptops may differ somewhat with regards to the model. Some laptop computers have actually the key in the edges. Other people own it in the top-left area over the keyboard, although some own it in the straight back. 

Being able to find the ability key on your own HP laptop is essential. We’ll response this question comprehensively below. Continue reading to master how exactly to start your laptop computer like an expert. 

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Which May be the Power Button sign on HP Laptops?

The energy key expression is standard on all laptop computers – not only HP laptop computers. It’s the “Standby Symbol,” once the International Electrical Commission (IEC) describes it. As explained within the “IEC 60417 — Graphical Symbols to be used on Equipment,” the icon combines a vertical line and a circle. The line represents “ON” and also the circle “OFF.” Additionally, this expression is comparable to the binary figures “1” and “0,” which represent “ON” and “OFF.”

in which May be the Power Button on HP Laptop

Laptops have actually withstood many alterations in their designs and appearance in the last few years. HP laptops aren’t various. One of many present design styles is always to mask or conceal the ability key. 

The energy key is normally discovered underneath the lid of contemporary HP laptop computers. You must start the laptop computer to get into the ability key and press it to make the equipment on. 

  • Older laptop computer models might have their energy buttons across the sides: appropriate, left, front side, or straight back. 
  • The energy key on your own HP laptop is a little push key. May very well not feel any bump or simply click once you push on the key. It simply goes into along with your hand, as well as the laptop computer should obey the demand and available. 
  • You should discover the energy key over the keyboard on your own HP laptop, in the right or remaining part. 
  • The key may also be situated on the far-right or far-left on top line in the keyboard. For instance, the ability key regarding the HP Envy 17-CE1010NT can be found in the upper-left part, just over the ESC key in the keyboard. 
  • The key is usually a narrow rectangle, approximately 0.5-inch very long. It lights whenever pushed.
  • You could also discover the energy key in the right or remaining advantage. 
  • If you require assist finding the ability key on your own HP laptop, make reference to the manual or search for paperwork in the HP Support Website

Important Note

Place a red sticker dot near or by the button’s location if it is very easy to ignore. After several days, you’ll note that it is simple to find the key after starting the lid. 


HP is among the leading computer manufacturers on earth. Their laptop computers are well-known for their durability and affordability. We’ve learned that the only real real solution to start an HP laptop is pushing the ability key. 

This key can be situated in various places with regards to the HP model. For many contemporary laptops, you’ll get the switch on top left corner just over the ESC key in the keyboard. 

Older HP laptops models may have their energy buttons across the sides: left, right, front side, or straight back. The energy key is a narrow rectangle around 1/2 inch long because of the standard energy key icon as defined by the IEC.   

Frequently expected concerns

Can we start a laptop utilizing the keyboard?

Yes, many computers include an alternative to make in making use of the keyboard. Nonetheless, the possibility might be disabled by default, and you also must allow it within the system BIOS. 

What must I do if absolutely nothing takes place once I push on the ability key on my laptop computer?

The battery pack can be too poor to power the computer on. Give it time to charge for a couple hours. Unplug the equipment through the energy adapter and turn it in. In the event that issue continues, your battery pack might need replacement, or perhaps you might have a faulty energy adapter. 

Can i take advantage of my HP laptop computer without a battery?

Yes. Certainly, you ought to take away the battery pack if it is completely charged and you’re linking the laptop computer to an electric socket throughout. 

What happens if my HP laptop’s battery pack dies?

Your laptop computer will stay on provided that the charger (energy adapter) is working and linked to an electric socket. A dead battery won’t draw in present or cause any danger to your device. Nonetheless, you ought to take away the dead battery pack to cut back the odds of overheating dilemmas. 

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