Where Is the Settings App on My Mac?


Method # 1: Access the Settings Using the Top Menu Bar

Method number 2: Access the Settings utilising the Bottom Dock

Method no. 3: Access the Settings utilising the Spotlight SearchConclusionFrequently expected concernsMethod no. 1: Access the Settings utilising the Top Menu BarAssuming you want to improve an environment on your own Mac, 1st spot to look is within the System Preferences, plus one associated with the simplest methods to get access to it utilizing the menu club towards the top.You’ll discover the menu club towards the top of your display screen where you’ll see options for different applications on your own Mac and status icons for things such as your battery pack degree and Wi-Fi connection.Using it, it is possible to access the settings the following.Click in the Apple icon

into the top-left part of the display screen to start the

Apple menu


  1. You will likely then see a drop-down menu with different alternatives.
  2. Click on
  3. “System Preferences”
  4. to start the settings for the Mac unit.
  5. Clicking this program will start the

System choices

window, and you’ll see a grid of icons representing various areas where you could adjust different settings for the computer.

Method no. 2: Access the Settings utilising the Bottom Dock

You can quickly configure different choices and settings utilizing System Preferences, if you would like a straight quicker method to get access to it, make use of the Dock in the bottom associated with the display screen.

  1. In macOS, the Dock is a convenient spot to access crucial apps and features, also it’s bought at the base of the display screen by standard.It may be used to access the settings as follows.Highlight the icons in Dock to check out a
  2. gear-shaped
  3. one.Click about it to gain access to the System choices

.This will start the System Preferences, and you will improve your system settings. In the System Preferences screen, you’ll find a section for every single style of setting.For example, there’s a section for



sound settings, network

settings, and much more. To modify a setting, just click in the matching symbol into the System Preferences screen.

  1. Method no. 3: Access the Settings utilising the Spotlight SearchUsing Spotlight Research is certainly one method of choosing the settings app if you fail to think it is utilizing other techniques on your own Mac. Spotlight is a
  2. search motor for your Mac, looking through apps, features, papers, as well as other things on your own computer.You can access settings utilizing it the following.

Click in the

magnifying cup icon into the top-right part of the display screen to open limelight.Type “System Preferences” into the search bar.Click on System choices

from the search engine results to open it.

Once you’ve launched the settings app, you’ll search through the many choices while making changes to one’s body settings.

The Spotlight Research screen can be exposed by pressing Command + area Bar on your own keyboard as a shortcut.


  1. That’s all you have to do in order to arrive at the settings on your own Mac. You are able to modify almost everything on your own Mac to meet your requirements. Therefore have a great time tinkering!Frequently Expected concernsHow do I start my Mac System Preferences without a mouse?
  2. Press CMD + Space to start Spotlight, kind
  3. “system preferences”, then press the Return key

to start

System choices through the search engine results without the need for a mouse.in which will be the settings in MacBook Air?

It does not matter what sort of Mac unit you have got; the machine Preferences application is available through the

Apple Menu

, the


, or the Spotlight Search.How do we replace the settings for apps on Mac?The settings or choices for a credit card applicatoin are changed by right-clicking its title into the menu bar and then pressing “Preferences”.

Why can’t I access System Preferences on my Mac?

If System Preferences isn’t responding, try force stopping the screen and relaunching it, restarting your Mac in safe mode, resetting preferences, or

reinstalling macOS

if it nevertheless does not work.

If you’re brand new to a Mac, it is never an easy task to work out how to do things. If you’re in this motorboat, you almost certainly clicked in a few menus to obtain the settings application, however you nevertheless don’t understand where to appear. If this appears like a familiar experience, don’t worry. We’re right here to greatly help!Quick SolutionOn macOS, the settings application is called

“System Preferences”

and certainly will be accessed through different techniques. You are able to get access to it three straight ways: through the Dock, into the top menu bar, or utilizing Spotlight Search.The settings application is a fairly useful tool in your Mac’s toolbox, which is frequently utilized to change a variety of choices, from fundamental people like amount control to more technical ones like community setup. Nevertheless, many people don’t understand how to locate this application on the Mac computer systems.That’s why we’re here! In this specific article, you’ll learn to find and start the settings application, no real matter what form of Mac you have got or exactly what choices you intend to alter. 

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