Where Is the Timer on iPhone?

Finding the Timer on iPhone

Method # 1: utilizing the Clock App

Method number 2: utilizing the Control CenterMethod # 3: utilizing SiriFixing the Timer perhaps not Showing on iPhoneMethod # 1: Restarting Your iPhoneMethod # 2: utilizing the Control CenterMethod # 3: utilizing the Zoom ModeSummary

Finding the Timer on iPhone

If you don’t understand how to locate the timer on your own iPhone, our 3 step by step techniques can help you find and allow this program without much trouble.

  1. Method number 1: utilizing the Clock App
    • Using the Clock software with one of these actions is a fast way of establishing a timer on your own iPhone.
    • Launch the
    • Clock app
  2. on your own iPhone.
    • Tap the
    • “Timer”
    • tab through the bottom-right corner.
  3. On the pickers,

swipe up and down

and select enough time you wish to set.

Tap the


  1. button to start the timer.Method # 2: utilizing the Control Center
  2. With these actions, you may also set a timer on your own iPhone utilising the Control Centre.Swipe down through the top-right part of one’s iPhone’s display screen to achieve Control Center.
  3. You might find the timer icon in the bottom.
  4. If you can’t discover the timer key within the Control Centre, first, you’ll want to include it utilizing these actions.Tap Settings.


“Control Center”

  1. .Tap the
  2. plus (+) indication next towards the “Timer”

option to incorporate it to your Control Center.

  1. Once you’ve got added the timer towards the Control Center, here you will find the actions to start out applying this feature.Swipe down through the upper-right part of one’s iPhone to achieve Control Center
  2. .Find the timer
  3. icon; faucet and hold it.A pop-up with a vertical measure will show up in the display screen.

Swipe up and down

  1. setting a period period between 1-4 moments, five minutes, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 45 moments, etc.Once the full time is chosen, touch the Start button
  2. , as well as the timer begins.Method no. 3: Using Siri For establishing a timer on your own iPhone using Siri
  3. , state, “Hey Siri, set a 15-minute timer”—or you could utilize or state whatever your desired time frame is. The timer will
  4. start.Fixing the Timer perhaps not Showing on iPhone
  5. Sometimes the timer function on your own iPhone instantly prevents showing in the display screen. In such a circumstance for you, our 3 step by step techniques can help you fix this issue quickly.Method number 1: Restarting Your iPhoneYou can perform a fast unit restart to eliminate the short-term pc software problems evoking the timer not to ever show on your own iPhone display. 

Press and contain the

side button as well as the volume button (either up or down) till the thing is the power-off slider.Drag the slider towards the best.

Once the product turns down totally, await

one minute


Long press the

  1. side button and volume key again before the Apple logo design seems in the display screen and verify that the timer can be viewed now.Method # 2: utilizing the Control Center
  2. You can attempt to take away the timer through the Control Center and include it back again to understand choice on your own display screen once again.Here will be the actions for eliminating and including the timer on your own iPhone.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap “Control Center” > “Customize Controls”.

Tap the

red minus (-) icon

close to

  1. “Timer” within the “Include”
  2. list.Select “Remove” for verification.From the
  3. “More Controls” list, touch the plus (+) indication and include the timer back once again to the Control Center.All Done!You are now able to understand timer beneath the Control Center
  4. on your own iPhone.Method no. 3: utilizing the Zoom Mode
  5. If you’ve been utilising the Zoom mode on your own iPhone, allowing and disabling it could obtain the timer showing on your own display screen once again. Launch the Settings app on your own iPhone.Navigate to


> “Zoom”.Tap the toggle to show on Zoom.

On the screen, double-tap with

three fingers

  1. to zoom out and repeat the exact same to zoom straight back in.
  2. Tap the toggle to disable Zoom if the timer turns up on your own iPhone.SummaryIn this guide on in which the timer on iPhone is, we now have explored numerous methods for finding and allowing the possibility on your own unit. We now have additionally investigated a few how to resolve the problem in the event that timer is showing on your own iPhone.
  3. We hope one of these simple techniques spent some time working for you personally, and you may now effectively handle your tasks quickly utilising the Timer function.
  4. Dining table of articles
    iPhone has multiple helpful integral features and apps, therefore the timer normally the one that you need to use to set a timed reminder for the kitchen area, washing, or other chores. But, people can’t discover the Timer function on the iPhones.Quick AnswerTo find time on your own iPhone, go right to the Clock app

  5. and touch the “Timer” symbol during the bottom-right part. It is possible to locate and allow the timer through the

“Control Center”

, in which the function is found in the bottom.

We have assembled reveal guide on in which the timer is on iPhone with simple step by step guidelines. We’ll additionally talk about numerous repairs for the timer maybe not showing on your own iPhone.

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